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  1. 9-Volt

    First D. tityus out!

    Congrats! What a handsome little guy!
  2. 9-Volt

    Dynastes grantii

    So jealous! I haven't been able to find any larger beetles in my area.
  3. 9-Volt

    How Hard Is A Beetles Shell?

    omg that's absolutely amazing!
  4. 9-Volt

    How Hard Is A Beetles Shell?

    Oh damn, that's too bad...
  5. 9-Volt

    How Hard Is A Beetles Shell?

    That's a pretty badass tattoo idea! I'm excited to see how it turns out!
  6. 9-Volt

    New Find

    Wow, very pretty! What do you plan on doing with it?
  7. 9-Volt

    Lights insects aren't attracted to

    Yeah I've heard that insects and larger beetles aren't very attracted to LED's for some reason. It's a shame really since gas stations are now replacing their old lights with LED's I've noticed. However, I haven't been out and about enough to notice any difference.
  8. 9-Volt

    Found a scarab beetle!

    Oh wow, awesome! Thanks for the help!
  9. 9-Volt

    Found a scarab beetle!

    Trying to figure out what he is exactly. My mother came running all the way down the street just to get me to catch it! Almost 30 mm long and he's a very pretty brown color!
  10. 9-Volt

    Tityus Larvae Update

    Wonderful! Did you buy them or find them yourself? I'm hoping to find some adults this summer!
  11. 9-Volt


    Organic compost sounds good to me. It's always best to check what contents are listed on the bag too. I use an organic soil that doesn't have any artificial fertilizer or plant food in it and it has worked good for me so far.
  12. 9-Volt

    Grapevine Hoplia!

    That's good to know! Hopefully you can find some more of these guys!
  13. 9-Volt

    last stand of my Cyclommatus metallifer

    So sorry for your loss. This is a really nice way to set him up!
  14. 9-Volt

    A Stag or Tiger Beetle?

    I just wanted to make sure the first one I found is male. I thought I saw the last abdominal segment stick out more at some point... thought it was female. The second individual I caught is definitely male after some comparison on bugguide.net. These are pictures of the first individual. Would I be able to house together two males or not? What if they were in a larger enclosure?
  15. 9-Volt

    Copy/Paste and Photo/Links Problems

    Yes, I would recommend using something like Photobucket. You would want to get the direct link for your photos and paste it into the "image" button in the post editor-thing. And then click "OK." Your images should appear after that!