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  1. I am planning on traveling down to Arizona on a collecting excursion, possibly at the start of next week. I remember hearing somewhere that the best time to collect is right after a good bought of rain, can anyone confirm this? I am really hoping to see some D granti again as well, is it likely that we will find any end of July? Last year we found two, but that was towards the middle of August. We also found a hefty number of large long horns, and a good amount of c. gloriosa. Is there anything else we should look for? While I am there, anything anyone would be interested in me collecting for you?
  2. markjfisher

    Trip to Peru

    In a couple of weeks I’lol be heading to Peru for a week to do some sightseeing, and maybe some collecting along the way. I’ve been searching the net for the rules and rituals, and was wondering if you all had any input. As as far as I can tell, it should be fine if I pick up a couple insects, make sure they aren’t CITES species and make sure they are dead. Then declare them at customs for a brief inspection. Anyone have experience with this?
  3. markjfisher

    UV LED flashlights

    Has anyone else tried using UV LED flashlights as collecting lights? I picked one up on amazon that is pretty bright with 100 LEDs in it, and it seems to have worked decently well. I haven’t been in terribly productive areas for Black lighting so it is hard to tell how well it is actually working. They are terribly convenient to carry around, being completely self contained and relatively durable. Any other thoughts/comments?
  4. I have had some luck with dropping some warm water directly on the joint in questions and gently stretching it back and forth. Alcohol absorbs quickly as well, but makes the joint more brittle after drying.
  5. Generally the species segregation means that it can only produce fertile offspring within its own species. Otherwise, we call them breeds, like dogs. House dogs are all one species. I have heard that Dynastes Granti and Tityus can interbreed though. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  6. I am starting to plan a collection trip to Arizona in search for some D. Granti. Does anyone have any tips as to where/when to go, what collection methods have worked for you etc.? As of right now, I am thinking mid august, and Payson area, but really I have no idea where anything is there.