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    Scarites in captivity?

    I agree with wizentrop, these do good in captivity. I keep S.vicinus and have already got them to lay 2 eggs, which have hatched and since then the larvae have each molted to L2. I give them dead A.vulgare a lot and they can easily eat them. They absolutely love to burrow! Usually the only time I see them is at night, the rest of the time they are in their neatly constructed and very interesting burrows. I'm planning on letting mine go though( might still keep the 2 larvae) so I can make some room for some new large and cool insects.
  2. All About Arthropods

    Eusattus muricatus

    Cool! They look really nice with the hairs and the round body shape! How large are they?
  3. All About Arthropods

    Wild Pupa Hatch

    Hi everyone! One of my three wild beetle pupa hatched and it turned out to be a Pelidnota punctate( Grapevine Beetle). That means my other two pupae should be grapevines too because I found them close together under the same rotten log in my yard. It looks beautiful, and will be even more beautiful once it gains it's full coloration! Does anybody know if these will eat beetle jellies and if they can be kept together?
  4. All About Arthropods

    Hello! From AZ

    Welcome to the forum! Those are two great species!
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    Liquid from grapevine beetle

    Hi Everyone! I wanted to know if anyone has heard about yellowish-white liquid coming out of grapevine beetles' back side? I have two females and they both do that, just wanted to know if something was wrong with them or if it is normal. Thanks!
  6. All About Arthropods

    Wild Pupa Hatch

    Ok, Thanks!
  7. All About Arthropods

    Wild Pupa Hatch

    Cool, that's a decent amount of time. In your expierience with them do they fly alot if taken out? Thanks!
  8. All About Arthropods

    Wild Pupa Hatch

    Do you happen to know how long these live?
  9. I hope to get some rhino beetles in the future, right now I have darklings, 2 glorious scarab larvae, 2 grapevine beetle pupae and 1 grapevine beetle.

  10. All About Arthropods

    Wild Pupa Hatch

    Great, I have some jelly. It does have black legs, it probably is a female because it is large and is a light yellowish-orange color.
  11. All About Arthropods

    Hello everyone!

    Hello Everyone! I have known about this forum for a while but finally decided to join a week ago! I currently have 4 blue death feigning beetles, 2 black death feigning beetles, a fuzzy darkling beetle, an eleodes armatus, 2 asbolus laevis, 4 unidentified darkling beetles, 2 chrysina gloriosa larvae, some very small mealworm beetle larvae, some wild-caught isopods, 3 large wild-caught beetle larvae(two of which have pupated), 1 adult male wide horn hisser, and 1 Madagascar hisser nymph. Beetles are second to roaches on my favorite pet insect list but I still love them and think their really cool! I mostly have darkling now but hope to get some bigger beetles in the future! Thanks!
  12. All About Arthropods

    Hello everyone!

    Yea, using crushed up cheerios and fish pellets as substrate was not the best of ideas. Wish I would have known more about the care of the larvae when I had a whole bunch in my tank.
  13. All About Arthropods

    Hello everyone!

    Thanks for the identification offer! I ​will try to get some pictures of them. I got my Eleodes armatus from BugsInCyberspace.com, When I first received it, it started running around and laying eggs everywhere in the tank. At one point there was about 50 or more larvae crawling around on the substrate but I wasn't too knowledgable about darkling and left them in the tank for a couple days after I noticed them and all of them died except for maybe 15 that I got out and pu in one of the superworm cups you can get at the petstore and put some crushed up cheerio and fish pellets in there and a few pieces of carrot but they ended up all dying in the next couple days. I thought I just didn't keep them right( which I'm sure that I didn't) but sounds like their hard to rear anyway.
  14. I hope to get some rhino beetles in the future right now I have darkling, 2 glorious scarab larvae and 3 large wild pupae that I found as larvae.

  15. I hope to get some rhino beetles in the future right now I have darkling and 5 larvae

  16. All About Arthropods

    Hello everyone!

    Thanks Hisserdude! It is really dead, ​I'm glad it isn't always like this though! ​