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    Keeping, breeding, observing, documenting, and spreading appreciation for arthropods, gaming, watching and playing sports, and listening to a good tune.

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  1. All About Arthropods

    Baby rhino roaches! (AGAIN!)

    What a stunning sight. Congrats!
  2. All About Arthropods

    All About Arthropods 1,000 Likes Giveaway!

    The giveaway is now over. Thank you to everyone who participated!
  3. All About Arthropods

    All About Arthropods 1,000 Likes Giveaway!

    Free arthropods, anyone? 😛 Head over to my Facebook page and participate in the 1,000 likes giveaway! *U.S residents only*
  4. All About Arthropods

    Happy Earth Day!

    Happy Earth Day! 🌎 Hopefully the world soars after we are set free like this Crane Fly did. 😁 ft. Noah Campos New video
  5. All About Arthropods

    Baby rhino roaches! (AGAIN!)

    Why? Mine have been munching on carrots happily for a couple months now.
  6. All About Arthropods

    Legs and Leaf Hats

    WATCH ME WHIP, WATCH ME SPIDER. New blog post!
  7. All About Arthropods

    Creepers from the Trees

    The official second members of the scorp gang. 🦂 NEW BLOG POST
  8. All About Arthropods

    I'm a complete newb, but I'm excited to learn!

    Welcome to the boards! Always great to have some more beetlers around. 🙂
  9. All About Arthropods

    Christmas eve Greetings

    Warmest of Christmas eve greetings from good 'ol Santa Chrysina! Be sure to leave some Juniper out for him tonight. 😛 Photo art courtesy of my little brother. lol
  10. All About Arthropods

    Favorite animal and why?

    Strictly talking about vertebrates, there's so many options to choose from, but I'd go with the Giant Armadillo (Priodontes maximus) because Armadillos are basically the back-boned version of isopods and this particular one is massive among others. Ravens probably come in at a close second due to their large size, overall spooky vibe, and awesome speaking ability. I adore lots of other odd things as well like species from the orders Accipitriformes, Cingulata, Pilosa, Pholidota, Chiroptera, and Rodentia, along with the genus, Lepus, and just fish in general.
  11. All About Arthropods


    Mine is @allaboutarthropods. Posting things from beetles to roaches to isopods almost daily!
  12. All About Arthropods

    AAA's Swarm

    Porcellio scaber "White Out" Large individuals Medium-sized individuals Small individual Mixed-size individuals
  13. All About Arthropods

    AAA's Swarm

    Porcellio sp. "Spiky - Canary"
  14. All About Arthropods

    AAA's Swarm

    Armadillidium peraccae Large individuals Smaller individuals Mixed-size individuals
  15. All About Arthropods

    AAA's Swarm

    Armadillo officinalis Large individuals Mixed-size individuals