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  1. Redmont


    Peter and other websites dont bother with any state permits, no one even cares about it.
  2. Use oak leaves they are very easy to identify, I use a electric leaf sucker that has a bag and run it through it twice, for mixing just mix it by hand to get the consistency right.
  3. Redmont

    Greetings from Maryland

    Welcome to the forum! I have a few death feinters for sale as of now. I should have many more for sale next year and possibly some very rare ones. That sounds like a very nice pinned collection, I always wanted to start a pinned collection but my live collection is getting huge so Im focusing on them I may sell more pinned inverts in the future as well
  4. Redmont

    New Member going to Virginia to hunt

    I have 2 female D. granti left that are ready to lay eggs, as well as some L1 D. tytius. If your interested you can pm me, itll definitely be more expensive collecting them, but still well worth it if you find what your looking for
  5. Redmont

    New beetle fan!

    Welcome to the forum, I hope you like it hear
  6. Redmont

    d. tityus Questions

    I dont have rotten logs for sale as of now, maybe your thinking of another member? I get my soil from BIC
  7. Redmont

    d. tityus Questions

    You can also ferment trager pellets to make beetle soil, there is some threads heat on the forums, they may be stickied if not they should be
  8. I agree with hisserDude there generally isn't a problem just select the largest males and females to breed. Butterflies can only be inbread for a few generations before they get sickly and to small.
  9. Redmont

    Warm Greetings from Kansas

    Welcome to the forum, I have D. granti pairs or females right now for sale if your interested, their larger that tityus but shorter lived
  10. Redmont

    Just another masshole.

    Welcome to the forum, it is a serious adiction
  11. Redmont

    Goliathus - it has happened !!

    @beetle-experience I sent you a pm, I'm not sure if you saw it or not? I'm wondering where you apply for the permits and if they want to hear anything pacifically.
  12. Redmont

    Looking for beetles

    I would be interested in buying some Cotinis Nitid and grape vine beetles from you and most any other beetles like long horns and dung beetles and lubber grasshoppers, live or dead and I'd also be willing to trade any thing in my for sale add