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  1. Pewrune

    Larval/Pupal Stages

    What species? Many rhinos and stags can eat fermented sawdust from L1~L3, size of L1 and L3 could be something like 200 times size difference. So bigger containers and more sub is needed later. They don't eat during pupa stage. When adults emerge, some would sleep for a few months but some sleeps for 2 weeks. Don't feed them during this time. Active adults can eat fruits like apple and mango. Each species like to lay eggs in different substrate as well. Some require logs, some require soil-like sub etc. There are a lot more details about what kind of sub can help with the horn shape and beetle size etc.
  2. Pewrune

    Beetles in Maine

    I would check all the near by states(New Hampshire/Vermont etc), if all of them have elaphus then there's a high chance. My personal guess is no though. it seems too far away from their most populated location. Lucanus species are not foodies. They don't eat much compared to Dorcus and Odontalabis ...etc. However, they seems to fly to lights more than many other stags. Btw, from my observation, L. elaphus comes out in bulk for 3 weeks within a year, 1st week males, the later 2 weeks females. Took me 4 years to figure this out. If you missed it, you will have to wait for another year. I drove 5000+ miles just to observe elaphus this year.
  3. the grease comes from the inside, so cleaning under the elytra is also recommended. But even with this method, the grease might come back after 3~6 months because the organs inside is still there. The ultimate way to clean would be....take out all the meat inside the beetle. it's not uncommon for goliathus collectors to do that. However, your specimen will be considered A2. Its a pain for insect with light/bright colors. A more stable way to make a beautiful specimen with its original color is to kill it when its still young (just started to become active), and you have starved the beetle for more than a week... that way you can make sure the stomach is empty and all muscle tissue is young and fresh. you will most likely never get a clean specimen with original color if you made the tityus into a specimen after its natural death.
  4. Pewrune

    Beetle Party

    Probably granti and tityus. easy to get eggs, and larvae are pretty strong.
  5. Pewrune

    Purchase of stag beetles

    You can also post on this forum: Home => Classifieds => Beetles For Sale/Wanted
  6. Pewrune

    Beetle Party

    Dynastes granti Dorcus brevis Dynastes tityus Dorcus parallelus Strategus antaeus Lucanus elaphus Lucanus capreolus Megasoma punctulatus
  7. Pewrune

    Thoughts on new layout?

    Love it. And I noticed you can attach pictures in PM now. Or maybe i just never found the right way in the previous version.
  8. Pewrune

    Hello from Maryland

    Welcome John I am around DMV area too.
  9. Pewrune

    Cannibalism in Lucanus?

    I put 3 LEs (L3) in each half gallon jars. Never had any problems. LE larvae is very weak in early stages, its normal for a few of them to die/disappear even kept separately.
  10. Pewrune

    New to beetles, not to insects

    Welcome Hannah, you can find a lot of info on rhinos here. if not, you can always ask. I lived in Asia before and I have experience with A. dichotoma and many other species, let me know if you have any specific questions for them. Btw, which species are you referring to that lives long? Thanks
  11. its a really good question. but even my specimen collector in Cameroon never seen a wild GG larvae.
  12. I have 0 knowledge of this species but heres few things that I would try. 1. mimic their natural habitat (with live plants) 2. hard compress the sub (so the larvae don't waste energy on trying to build tunnels or pupa cell) 3. larger space I cant emphasize enough how important it is for some species of beetles to have their tunnels. some species will just die if they cant make one. A lot of longhorn beetles seems to make tunnels in rotten logs and live trees... maybe palo verde beetle too? I remember commenting on Odontolabis larvae on this forum before, don't think many people believed me lol.
  13. if your substrate is good enough, you wont need to add anything. the more protein or supplement you add, the faster your substrate decays. its a risk if not handled well enough. some protein source also contains stuff that gets stuck on the larvae's head which confuses them or affects their appetite. there are many methods out there that can get you a major, but if you need a monster you probably need to do some testing.
  14. It's very hard to tell the real maximum weight because most pros only measure once every 2 months or so. but from my own records, D granti can go over 40g, and D tityus can go over 34g. a heavier larvae doesn't mean the beetle will always be bigger, theres a lot of factors including moisture level, horn length, energy spent on pupa cell...etc.