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  1. Zeiss

    My Spider Beetle Colonies

    I would also probably purchase some from you. This colony is very cool!
  2. Zeiss


    Welcome back!
  3. Zeiss

    Nice To Meet You All!

    Welcome to the forum! I haven't been that active with posts, due to a lack of beetles, but you will find people will help you out when you ask around on here. Good luck with the grub.
  4. Zeiss

    New Find

    Congratz! It looks like a type of poplar sphinx moth to me.
  5. I do suggest getting a deeper container. When they are caught, they are found at least a foot down. And since they are dung beetles, they may try to nibble on the jellies, but they will not touch them often or until they get dehydrated/hungry.
  6. Hello, I have been trying to breed them for a bit and I have had egg laying, but no brood balls produced for the eggs. You will want to have a deep container, because they are the burrowing type, with a dirt/sand mix. You will want to have a constant supply of dung for them, since you want to breed them. You will also want to separate the males and divide the females with them, otherwise the males will rip each other apart. If they are wild caught, even when purchased online, the females will possibly have mated already in the wild. Let me know if you want more help and I can try to.
  7. Zeiss

    4K Ultra HD Bug Videos

    These are amazing videos!
  8. Zeiss


    I feel like calling/texting him a bunch now...
  9. I was out walking around searching for whatever was around and decided to open up a rotting stump (I don't know what type of tree). Found this grub in there. I was wondering if some of you could help me identify the species. I also collected some of the wood it was in. The wood does have some fungus with it. Let me know if it would be good to keep or what i should do with it all.
  10. Zeiss

    Hello from SoCal

    Hello, just found this forum and thought it was cool. I am here to learn more about beetles and just see what everyone has.