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    Beetles, mantises, phasmids, arachnids
  1. treespider

    Hello from SoCal

    Hello fellow Californian! Hope you enjoy the forum! I second Hisserdude, you can find some pretty cool darkling beetles in SoCal. I have a desert beetle cage myself with a few local species.
  2. treespider

    Hello from California!

    Thank you! Yes, it is a P. vindex. I used to keep them, but I don't have any currently. I couldn't find a good source of dung for them, so they wouldn't breed. I might try again next year.
  3. treespider

    Hello from orlando

    Welcome! Hope everything goes well with your beetles!
  4. treespider

    Hello from California!

    Thank you! I'm in Southern California
  5. treespider

    Hello from California!

    Thank you!
  6. treespider

    Hello from California!

    Thank you! I'm already gleaning a lot of great information for my current bugs and ideas to file away for future acquisitions as well!
  7. treespider

    Exciting news I must share...(so sorry for the long read)

    I found this thread while searching for posts/comments about Dynastes tityus. I just wanted to say congratulations on getting sober, and as a brand new member I'm so happy to see how welcoming this place is. I too was interested in bugs from a young age. Unlike you I was encouraged to pursue it (my dad was a science teacher), and I even got accepted to a university to study entomology right out of high school, but I led myself down the wrong path and chose not to go. I still regret that to this day. Now, ten years later, I'm about to transfer from community college to a 4 year university to study entomology. So glad you found your passion! If you're still running your blog I'd love a link... my son is just getting interested in bugs and I want to do everything I can to encourage that!
  8. treespider


    Thanks for the magazine names, I didn't know these existed! I'm always looking for new reading material.
  9. treespider

    Hello from California!

    Hello all! I'm excited to be a part of this forum. I got into keeping beetles just earlier this year. I have a couple species of desert beetle I keep communally, and I'm also raising four Dynastes tityus larvae in hopes of breeding them as adults. I'd love to expand into some more exotic species as my experience grows. I'm also currently going back to school for entomology. I transfer to a 4 year university this fall and I can't wait to start my entomology classes!