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    Beetle Wish List

    Many people out there thrive to have the most beautiful beetles from around the world. However it is illegal to possess invasive species in some countries. This forum is dedicated for fun and only to see which beetles people want or interest them the most. I will start by sharing my wish list down below. 1) Cheirotonous macleayi formosanus pair 2) Cyclommatus metallifer finae pair 3) Dorcus titanus palawanicus pair 4) Mecynorrhina polyphemus confluens pair 5) Phalacrognathus muelleri pair
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    lucanus elaphus emergence time?

    Just leave em be bro, just leave em be.
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    AAA's Coleoptera Corner

    Great shots!
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    AAA's Swarm

    Awesome pictures!
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    Hello from Louisiana

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    Hello from Houston!

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    Phalacrognathus muelleri

    Step 1: Buy appropriate sized plastic container from Walmart. Drill appropriate sized air holes to the sides of the enclosure. Buy sphagnum moss and soak it. Squeeze excess water out and use that as your substrate for housing them. If breeding, you will need an appropriate substrate for the female to lay eggs. Thats about all you will need beside beetle jellies/food. Step 2: Put beetles in their new habitat. If they aren't overwintering, you could even witness the mating happen firsthand. The female will eat the piece of food while the male mounts her. If you see any aggression from the male, remove them immediately as he has the potential to kill her. Step 3: Enjoy your new beetles. Make sure to remove uneaten foods to prevent fly and mold outbreaks. Beetle jelly is the best stuff to use.
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    Phalacrognathus muelleri

    Re-uploaded the pictures, hope you enjoy. Boy, do I miss these guys! This was a 64mm male.
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    Pupal chamber destroyed

    You can either make an artificial pupal chamber from floral foam or construct one out of the substrate.
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    Hi from a new beetle breeder

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    Welcome and congratulations on that awesome find!
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    How to Find Beetles

    Look in the trunk of fallen trees along with dead and decayed logs.
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    Hey From New York!

  14. Made this video throughout the past few days. Hope it helps! I'd like to thank Shade Of Eclipse for helping me with extra information.
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    Hug me.

    How much money would it take you to hug my Goliath bird eater??
  16. Earlier in the year, I heat treated and stored a huge amount of substrate for rhinoceros beetle larvae. The substrate was stored in my garage where it is extremely cold. I took it out today to fill up containers for larvae that I just found. When I brought it inside, I immediately noticed fungus gnats running through the container. When I mixed the substrate I found a good amount of fungus gnat larvae. No matter what I do I cannot prevent them. I hate them so much!
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    Visitor on my patio

    Awesome find fo real!
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    Goliath beetles

    So awesome my friend.
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    Tiger beetle (Tetracha carolina)

    Beautiful find man.
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    Hello from Southern Arizona!

    Welcome Piggy!
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    Jewel beetle (Buprestis rufipes)

    Beautiful find!
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    Hello from Michigan!

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    Mecynorrhina hatched out

    Congrats bro you raised a beautiful beetle!
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    Hello from Southern California!