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  1. Bought this from Taiwan. First off, the book STINKS like moth balls or some preservative when I got it. Made the read not enjoyable. Not sure if all of them are like this. There are numerous typos in this book. If you have a lot of experience already I do not recommend this book. However, itโ€™s a great book for the first timer just jumping into the hobby. Also great for people who want to know more on many species of beetles. Includes a very insightful chapter of Goliathus. The different species in this book are described in detail along with great pictures.
  2. Ratmosphere

    Geotrupes sp. in captivity?

    Really an amazing looking species!
  3. Ratmosphere

    Geotrupes sp. in captivity?

    Imagine using dog or human feces just to breed a beetle... reminds me of people keeping leeches and letting them feed on their arms etc.
  4. Bug Guides data says that in Minnesota, they are found in July. I would do light traps or split fallen, dead, decayed logs.
  5. Ratmosphere

    right place, right time

    Beautiful. Wish they rained out Lucky Charms marshmellows. XD
  6. No other way to know than to put her in an egg laying container and wait a few weeks/months. Chances are higher with WC females.
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    Attacus atlas

    Was very cool to witness this. Had the beer bottle to match! Love this species.
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    Hello from Indiana

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    Attacus atlas

    Oh, lmfao. ๐Ÿ˜‚
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    Attacus atlas

    WOW! You really are fortunate to have access to these things!
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    Attacus atlas

    Wow, I love that!
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    Hello from California!

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Attacus atlas

    There we go.
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    Attacus atlas

  15. Ratmosphere

    Dolomedes tenebrosus

    Found this absolute BEATUY in my basement last night. Shame these things get killed all of the time by humans due to their looks.
  16. Ratmosphere

    Mydas fly (Mydas clavatus)

    So rad man. The content you've been putting out lately is incredible!
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    A word of advice for collecting

    Stuff happens man! Don't beat yourself up about it.
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    Buprestis rufipes and Stenelytrana gigas (video)

    So beautiful, wish I was lucky to see these in my yard.
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    Stupid Airplane Question

    Hmm, not sure but I'd say probably not.
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    Impatient expecting beetle daddy here

    Did you ever give us the species name?
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    Flake Soil Questions

    Sole soil, even though various decay stages are wanted for different kinds of species to get maximum size for males. But that's pretty far advanced, my turotials are a basic guide. The basic substrate I teach will work for any species varying results with male size.
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    Hello from Czechia

    Welcome to the forum Tyrell.
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    Unexpected alarm

    Congrats! Lovely alarm clock ya got there.