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    Goliath beetles

    So awesome my friend.
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    Beetle Wish List

    Many people out there thrive to have the most beautiful beetles from around the world. However it is illegal to possess invasive species in some countries. This forum is dedicated for fun and only to see which beetles people want or interest them the most. I will start by sharing my wish list down below. 1) Cheirotonous macleayi formosanus pair 2) Cyclommatus metallifer finae pair 3) Dorcus titanus palawanicus pair 4) Mecynorrhina polyphemus confluens pair 5) Phalacrognathus muelleri pair
  3. Ratmosphere

    Tiger beetle (Tetracha carolina)

    Beautiful find man.
  4. Ratmosphere

    Hello from Southern Arizona!

    Welcome Piggy!
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    Jewel beetle (Buprestis rufipes)

    Beautiful find!
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    Hello from Michigan!

  7. Ratmosphere

    Mecynorrhina hatched out

    Congrats bro you raised a beautiful beetle!
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    Hello from Southern California!

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    Poseable Stag Beetle on Kickstarter!

    Pretty rad!
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    Hello from an undisclosed location!

  11. Ratmosphere

    Thoughts on new layout?

    What are your thoughts on the new layout? Personally, I will miss the classic look and this will take some getting use to. Otherwise, great job Peter!
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    Good names for a asian scorp

  13. Ratmosphere


    Good luck!
  14. Ratmosphere

    New to beetles, not to insects

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    Hello from Massachusetts!

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    First findd

  17. Ratmosphere

    Phanaeus vindex

    Great new addition bro!
  18. Ratmosphere

    Hello from Central Ohio

  19. Ratmosphere

    Favorite animal and why?

    Growing up, we all had our favorite animal. My favorite animal was always a rat but my mom never let me have one. She thought they were gross creatures. I obsessed over rats, even wearing a belt as a tail some days. Sounds funny but it's true. After many years later, I got my first rat and named her Britney. She was the most smart and loving pet that I've ever had. I even got my mom to like her! She said hi to Britney every day and held her. However, Britney became sick with a respiratory infection and had a few tumors so I had to put her down. To this day, rats still remain my favorite animal. Which animal is your favorite and why?
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    Freshly emerged luna moth

    Beautiful! I love raising these.
  21. Ratmosphere

    Dynastes tityus

    Huge male!
  22. Ratmosphere

    Any experience with palo verde beetle grubs?

    Wondering the outcome. Good luck!
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    ESA meeting 2017

  24. Ratmosphere

    State of the Hobby(TM)

    Not to me man, there are many other cool arthropods in my opinion. And I've had the craziest kinds of beetles, over 14 species and they don't compare to what stuff I have now.