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    Lucanus placidus Say, 1825 - Male

    Such a cool species! Awesome share.
  2. Ratmosphere

    Buddleia davidii

    Bet they smell real nice.
  3. Ratmosphere

    Chrysina beyeri

    Love the legs on these!
  4. Ratmosphere

    Rainbow Stag Questions

    Yes, they will come out in a few months on their own. They live a while too. If you want to see them more often you can redo the enclosure. I keep all my beetles in $1 plastic containers with drilled air holes and damp sphagnum moss. From here I can witness mating and put them in the egg laying container when they're ready.
  5. Ratmosphere

    Alaus lusciosus

    Beauty. Love the design on these.
  6. Ratmosphere

    Rainbow Stag Questions

    They don't NEED to. I find after enclosing they will burrow for a few months and come out when ready to feed/mate.
  7. Ratmosphere

    Catching tigers

    Agreed. Butterfly net is much more effective and fun.
  8. Ratmosphere

    Biggest noob mistake ever made

    Dropped like 5 larvae containers off my shelf while moving it, I was dumb!
  9. Ratmosphere

    Light trapping

    Oh cool! I respect that!
  10. Ratmosphere

    Light trapping

    I’m not trying to personally attack you just very curious. Don’t you think you’re taking it a little to far? I have many friends who sell bugs and not one of them have permits.
  11. Ratmosphere

    Light trapping

    But why? Why just not go into the pet store and buy them?
  12. Ratmosphere

    Light trapping

    You really got a permit for dubia roaches?
  13. Ratmosphere

    Catching tigers

    I'm not too sure about beaches. Usually around powerlines where it's dry is where I have the best of luck.
  14. Ratmosphere

    Catching tigers

    I usually bring long butterfly nets to sandy arid areas. They are usually found in that sort of climate.
  15. Hoping these links can help you. https://www.inaturalist.org/guide_taxa/262344 https://www.inaturalist.org/guide_taxa/262333
  16. Ratmosphere

    For The Love Of Rhinoceros And Stag Beetles: Third Edition

    Thanks guys!
  17. Bought this from Taiwan. First off, the book STINKS like moth balls or some preservative when I got it. Made the read not enjoyable. Not sure if all of them are like this. There are numerous typos in this book. If you have a lot of experience already I do not recommend this book. However, it’s a great book for the first timer just jumping into the hobby. Also great for people who want to know more on many species of beetles. Includes a very insightful chapter of Goliathus. The different species in this book are described in detail along with great pictures.
  18. Ratmosphere

    Dorcus Hopei

  19. Ratmosphere

    Light trapping

    Awesome setup Mr. Kim!
  20. Ratmosphere

    Howdy everybody!

  21. Ratmosphere

    Emerald Euphoria (Euphoria fulgida)

    Certified beauties.
  22. Ratmosphere

    Beetle Wish List

    Many people out there thrive to have the most beautiful beetles from around the world. However it is illegal to possess invasive species in some countries. This forum is dedicated for fun and only to see which beetles people want or interest them the most. I will start by sharing my wish list down below. 1) Cheirotonous macleayi formosanus pair 2) Cyclommatus metallifer finae pair 3) Dorcus titanus palawanicus pair 4) Mecynorrhina polyphemus confluens pair 5) Phalacrognathus muelleri pair
  23. Ratmosphere

    lucanus elaphus emergence time?

    Just leave em be bro, just leave em be.
  24. Ratmosphere

    AAA's Coleoptera Corner

    Great shots!
  25. Ratmosphere

    AAA's Swarm

    Awesome pictures!