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  1. Ratmosphere

    Head size difference in larvae?

    Impressed you sexed the larvae! Def a good skill to have under your belt. Good luck with the larvae.
  2. Ratmosphere

    Sales of A.dichotoma in the US?

    "Well most beetles aren't legal in the US". Yea, that seems to be a common thing said just to make a quick buck putting others in a bad predicament. Even though the chances of getting caught are low it is never worth the risk. Acquiring the proper paperwork is extremely hard, many people have tried to no avail. If you don't work in a museum or educational program its difficult.
  3. Ratmosphere


    What up, Auntie! Welcome to tha forum.
  4. Ratmosphere

    Beetle Problem

    Yummm crunchy boiz.
  5. Ratmosphere

    Granti Photoshoot!

    Lovely pictures! Miss keeping this species.
  6. Ratmosphere


    Yea man, should move it into something better.
  7. Ratmosphere

    Hello from Connecticut!

    Welcome. I'm CT based as well!
  8. I'd just leave them until they're actually pupa. When they are pupa you can move them into the artificial chamber.
  9. That would be dope to find some of those in the wild!
  10. Ratmosphere

    Carabus auronitens

    Beautiful, love this sp.
  11. Ratmosphere

    Xylotrupes gideon sumatrensis

    Yea, she will.
  12. Kinshi for rhino beetles? Never heard of that. It's mostly for some species of stag beetles.
  13. Ratmosphere

    Beetle larvae

    Hmm... very interesting!
  14. Ratmosphere

    New to beetle breeding.

    Not sure on the care with those larvae, must be similar to other Mecynorrhina species though. I use leaf litter and a small amount of rotting wood or organic soil. Here's a link to my Insta too! Welcome! https://www.instagram.com/venomdrips/
  15. Ratmosphere


    Steve, you try getting Hercs legalized in the states yet?