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    Hello from an undisclosed location!

    Welcome! I have gotten a few silly login issues before too
  2. AlexW

    C gloriosa emerged

    On his rusty website (Elytra and Antenna) he says that Beyer's scarab "usually becomes an adult in less than 1 year from ova being laid", suggesting that the book instructions worked well for rearing beyeri. http://www.angelfire.com/oh3/elytraandantenna/USIUSInsec
  3. AlexW

    Revenge shall be ours

    I have spent months waiting for this moment https://sp-uns.blogspot.com/2018/05/campaigning-while-headless.html?m=0
  4. AlexW

    Hello from so cal

    Welcome! CA is a biodiversity hotspot for darkling beetles. I have seen some very interesting species in the forests and semideserts.
  5. AlexW

    C gloriosa emerged

    Pretty sure Orin did. Do you have his Ultimate Guide?
  6. AlexW

    Thoughts on new layout?

    All my text is black and thus readable though. I suspect it's just a glitch; maybe changing browsers could help...?
  7. AlexW

    Hello from Maryland

    Bugsincyberspace.com its owner is also our admin
  8. AlexW

    I should be fine now

    sigh, technical difficulties pursue me without relent Instagram currently unavailable For some reason I am also forced to type blue hyperlinked text half the time on Beetleforum if I ever start acting strangely in the future, there is little doubt as to the culprit
  9. AlexW

    I should be fine now

    Beetleforum security issues should be over now. Time to start posting again! Ironically, I just got locked out of Google... Edit: And Roachforum, too...
  10. AlexW

    Cannibalism in Lucanus?

    McMonigle recommends separating all elaphus L3s, because they are "easily overcrowded", which possibly suggests that lack of space may be problematic even with plenty of food.
  11. AlexW

    Cannibalism in Lucanus?

    From Mcmonigle's Ult Guide: Lucanus grubs cannibalize or bite each other when resources are in short supply
  12. AlexW

    New to beetles, not to insects

    Welcome! Assorted dermestids often crop up in feeder insect boxes, so I'd guess that is what your beetles are.
  13. AlexW

    Heading to Texas!

    Not too much research seems to exist on the biology of North American glowing clicks, but given that their relative Pyrophorus can live quite some time as an adult I'd assume that the NAmerican ones are active whenever it's warm enough.
  14. AlexW

    Heading to Texas!

    Oh, and since TX is so close to the Mexican border, many interesting animals are found there. I think one Chrysina lives wild over there
  15. AlexW

    Heading to Texas!

    tenebs tenebs tenebs!
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  17. Note: Orin's Ultimate Guide says that grubs are very likely terrestrial predators and will probably die inside logs and most treeholes. It also states that grubs have sharp talons, and that some rotten plant matter is a small but important part of the captive diet.
  18. AlexW

    New darkling tank

    I imagine the bottle shouldn't be harmful, but it might be possible the humidity could cause mold on the decorations
  19. Hisserdude has had multiple encounters with it. He details them on his blog
  20. Good luck! Our hobby is built on new discovery
  21. AlexW

    Dynastes tityus

    Certain fungi (those famous ones that control ants’ brains, and their less famous friends) do pose a rare but deadly risk though
  22. AlexW

    Pitfall traps

    If you have a specific insect in mind which you can not locate, do research its habitat and biology carefully using research papers. Many species are common in preferred habitats and extremely rare elsewhere I like Researchgate, it gives out many papers for free Cheers and good luck. I remember when I first started out - I felt just like you. Later, I realized that using the right methods is extremely important for success
  23. AlexW

    Pitfall traps

    Dragonflies do not do well in captivity as adults, though. I have planted a pitfall in the forest once. Didn’t catch an ant. Some people have luck with just putting oats on the ground and picking up beetles as they arrive Pitfalls containing carabids or spiders can get other insects inside eaten though
  24. AlexW

    Newbie from southeast asia, hello!

    Welcome! Many of us live in the US, and laws there make many beetles illegal. Lots of us will probably envy your cool tropical bugs a lot
  25. AlexW

    Trip to florida

    Oooooo, Florida Quite famous (along with Arizona) to US hobbyists as a bug-heaven Whats on your target list besides the palmetto weevils? Looking up species biology/habitat/seasonality on Google Scholar can be immensely useful Cheers and good luck Edit: Just realized live bugs cannot be brought between US states if you are taking an airplane home