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  1. AlexW

    hello, all

    Welcome! Keep in mind that many species are not commercially available, so you may have to catch them yourself
  2. AlexW

    State of the Hobby(TM)

    You live in Europe, where non-dead exotic beetles are often legal to import and much more popular than they are in the US
  3. I've been around for several yrs, and every time someone buys Gym grubs from Peter it's always the standard morph.
  4. AlexW

    Embaphion muricatum Questions

    Aggressive? I have never heard of darklings actually running towards their perceived threats. Quite odd
  5. AlexW

    Embaphion muricatum Questions

    Hisserdude has quit the hobby (see roachforum.com announcement) He has a caresheet for E on his blog though. If wild non-mealworm darklings live near you, you might wish to keep some of those as well/instead. Many interesting darklings have never been kept in captivity
  6. AlexW

    Revenge shall be ours

  7. AlexW

    Unidentified Larva

    does it walk upside down?
  8. AlexW

    Osmoderma advice?

    Orin says the larvae grow faster after a few generations in captivity I also think the adults live much longer than a month
  9. Adult Pleocoma have vestigial mouthparts; reliable sources say the grubs live 9-13 yrs (female adults can live a yr, but males are not flightless and appear to last a short time) Unfortunately, Pleocoma was moved by hairsplitting taxonomists into its own family, so it isn't a true scarab now. Some true scarabs are also eatless though, including at least some Cyclocephala
  10. AlexW

    Hello from Houston!

  11. AlexW

    Trip to Peru

    Tropical beetles are legal in North America when dead, though. Surely the government has researched the microbe contamination issues and declared them not a problem ...?
  12. AlexW

    UV LED flashlights

    Seems like a good setup; in the right places I have seen giant moths and fancy beetles flying to white and even yellow wall lamps, so a UV should not disappoint
  13. AlexW

    Jewel beetle (Buprestis rufipes)

    Beetles in the Bush has a buprestid-raising article Unfortunately, I think buprestids are generally short-lived and highly seasonal as adults.
  14. AlexW

    Revenge shall be ours

    By "last part" , you mean the cascade effects, right? Yes, I know Brave Wilderness. In bug hobby social circles, the fellow is rather... controversial I've watched a few of his vids before. Even though he says things such as "be respectful and they won't bother you" and showed a clip of a tarantula hawk's extreme peacefulness after getting himself stung, his sensationalist dialogue does seem to unintentionally cause the side effect of making invertebrates seem evil.
  15. AlexW

    Revenge shall be ours

    More stuff behind the scenes; also, an explanation of why I will be missing for most of June https://sp-uns.blogspot.com/2018/06/last-minute-frantic-planning.html?m=1