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  1. AlexW

    Hello from ny

  2. AlexW

    Deilelater physoderus

    Very little seems to be scientifically known of its biology but since it is a close relative of Pyrophorus care is probably very similar. Hisserdude has a caresheet for Pyrophorus on his blog.
  3. AlexW

    BDFB Larva starting to Pupate

    http://arachnoboards.com/threads/inducing-bdfb-to-pupate.280289/ some tips
  4. AlexW

    Lifespan of Cactus Longhorn Beetle

    McMonigle's guide says a yr or two for the adult beetles
  5. AlexW


    You might wish to view this: In any case, it is known to be definitely harmful for at least some insect species; there was a research study somewhere documenting that a coccinellid species was harmed by it. I think there were also studies on Drosophila and Tribolium showing the same.
  6. AlexW

    New Beetle Enthusiast!

    In case you didn't know, there's a roachforum.com and it's run by the same owners as this one Welcome!
  7. AlexW

    Gymnetis thula Adult Lifespan

    Ult guide says: 4 to 8 months and rarely longer
  8. AlexW

    hello, all

    Welcome! Keep in mind that many species are not commercially available, so you may have to catch them yourself
  9. AlexW

    State of the Hobby(TM)

    You live in Europe, where non-dead exotic beetles are often legal to import and much more popular than they are in the US
  10. I've been around for several yrs, and every time someone buys Gym grubs from Peter it's always the standard morph.
  11. AlexW

    Embaphion muricatum Questions

    Aggressive? I have never heard of darklings actually running towards their perceived threats. Quite odd
  12. AlexW

    Embaphion muricatum Questions

    Hisserdude has quit the hobby (see roachforum.com announcement) He has a caresheet for E on his blog though. If wild non-mealworm darklings live near you, you might wish to keep some of those as well/instead. Many interesting darklings have never been kept in captivity
  13. AlexW

    Revenge shall be ours