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  1. AlexW

    Hello from Houston!

  2. AlexW

    Trip to Peru

    Tropical beetles are legal in North America when dead, though. Surely the government has researched the microbe contamination issues and declared them not a problem ...?
  3. AlexW

    UV LED flashlights

    Seems like a good setup; in the right places I have seen giant moths and fancy beetles flying to white and even yellow wall lamps, so a UV should not disappoint
  4. AlexW

    Jewel beetle (Buprestis rufipes)

    Beetles in the Bush has a buprestid-raising article Unfortunately, I think buprestids are generally short-lived and highly seasonal as adults.
  5. AlexW

    Revenge shall be ours

    By "last part" , you mean the cascade effects, right? Yes, I know Brave Wilderness. In bug hobby social circles, the fellow is rather... controversial I've watched a few of his vids before. Even though he says things such as "be respectful and they won't bother you" and showed a clip of a tarantula hawk's extreme peacefulness after getting himself stung, his sensationalist dialogue does seem to unintentionally cause the side effect of making invertebrates seem evil.
  6. AlexW

    Revenge shall be ours

    More stuff behind the scenes; also, an explanation of why I will be missing for most of June https://sp-uns.blogspot.com/2018/06/last-minute-frantic-planning.html?m=1
  7. AlexW


    I think I visited it a few years ago when it was still running, and the forums had been silent. I guess that people lost interest and the admin shut it down as a result
  8. AlexW

    Revenge shall be ours

    A partial behind-scenes tour https://sp-uns.blogspot.com/2018/05/i-nearly-shake-with-glee.html?m=0
  9. I love bug merchandise!
  10. AlexW

    Hello from an undisclosed location!

    Welcome! I have gotten a few silly login issues before too
  11. AlexW

    C gloriosa emerged

    On his rusty website (Elytra and Antenna) he says that Beyer's scarab "usually becomes an adult in less than 1 year from ova being laid", suggesting that the book instructions worked well for rearing beyeri. http://www.angelfire.com/oh3/elytraandantenna/USIUSInsec
  12. AlexW

    Hello from so cal

    Welcome! CA is a biodiversity hotspot for darkling beetles. I have seen some very interesting species in the forests and semideserts.
  13. AlexW

    C gloriosa emerged

    Pretty sure Orin did. Do you have his Ultimate Guide?
  14. AlexW

    Thoughts on new layout?

    All my text is black and thus readable though. I suspect it's just a glitch; maybe changing browsers could help...?
  15. AlexW

    Hello from Maryland

    Bugsincyberspace.com its owner is also our admin