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  1. Trailblazr80

    Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo

    I've seen it. It was interesting.
  2. Trailblazr80

    Any jumping spider hobbyist out there ?

    I have a tiny, unknown species that I found out around the Los Angeles area. It's a female, and she's already laid one egg sac. I've had her for about 3 months.
  3. Trailblazr80

    A Peek Into My World

  4. Trailblazr80

    Calosoma sp.

    He (or she) is beautiful !
  5. Trailblazr80

    Yellow Spot Assassin Bugs

    Let me know if you find some because I've been looking everywhere for assassin bugs of various types. I have the white, I know there is a website that sells the red and orange as well. All they have in stock right now is the orange. Here's the link - http://doubleds.org/newuniquepetpg.html
  6. Trailblazr80

    Found more!!!!!

    Awesome looking beetles!! What do you use exactly for pupae substrate?
  7. Trailblazr80

    Melanolestes picipes

    I'm getting some of these! Do the males ever fly?
  8. Trailblazr80

    This weekend's finds

    Those orange and blacks are so pretty... love the millipedes!
  9. Trailblazr80

    Beginner mantids

    Sometimes they don't hurt at all. I wouldn't worry about bites, as most mantids can be handled just fine. I think my next one will be a shield mantis!
  10. Trailblazr80

    Beginner mantids

    I have Sphodromantis viridis. He bites sometimes, but seems hardy and easy to feed. I also have two Creobroter pictipennis. They are a little skittish, but don't mind being handled. They do jump, though, so you have to be careful. I heard Phyllocrania paradoxa (ghost mantids) are good beginner mantids, and also shield mantids. Shields are a little more expensive, but get big, and live a little longer than the average year.
  11. If you live in the San Gabriel Valley, you will find the California common scorpion in Pasadena, around Eaton Canyon. I find those in the hills of Burbank on very warm nights. One night, I saw about eight in a half mile radius. You will find solifugids at Griffith Park. Lots of trapdoor spiders, too. If you can drive to Griffith park and hike on a warm evening , you will find darklings, as well as diabolical ironclads . For such an urban park so close to Hollywood, there's a surprisingly large amount of natural life there.
  12. Trailblazr80

    Good collecting spots in Arizona?

    Cool, thanks! There's so many good spots out there, I need to research and figure out what area I will be. Too bad I won't be able to cover it all!
  13. I live near the Angeles Forest and will be exploring the area soon. As for darklings, I've collected 4 different species at Griffith Park and the Verdugo mountains. I've also seen blister beetles and little (possibly click) beetles in the wildflowers off the trail, not to mention lots of other cool insects.
  14. Trailblazr80

    A couple dark beetles.

    I'm not sure- any with a decent lifespan. I'll have to make some more room for my growing collection! I'm hiking tonight and will check for carinatas. They seem to be easy to breed. I had mine for what seemed like less than a month and already found larvae!
  15. Photobucket also has an option to keep photos private. I keep my albums private, some public, not sure how secure it is.