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  1. Andee

    Raising Grasshoppers

    Thanks everyone for all your help <3 I hope the next batch will work out better and will keep you updated on their progress ^^
  2. Andee

    Raising Grasshoppers

    I would say the largest one I've caught (Which makes me think it's a female) was 1.5 inches long... so I will definitely make the substrate deeper, should I cover the entire bottom with it? Or just fill a small plastic bowl with it?
  3. Andee

    Raising Grasshoppers

    Oh so should I make the egglaying place deeper than it is? right now it's only an inch deep at most
  4. Andee

    Raising Grasshoppers

    OK I will try some different greens with the new ones, I definitely have grasshoppers (they are small and can jump super far >.< makes catching them a pain) I think I will buy a bunch of different greens and whatever I don't use for them I will use for the turtle and hermit crabs XD and roaches of course >.> can't forget my babies <3 does anyone know what grasshopper eggs look like? Like are they in individuals? Or are they sacs? There is very little info on grasshoppers out there from what I could find, it made me kind of jump in here blind >.>
  5. Andee

    Raising Grasshoppers

    What do you mean substrate? I didn't know they needed substrate o.o I thought they only needed a cup of moist sand to lay eggs in? If not please tell me what you use ^^ I'm not very adept at telling regular grasshoppers apart from lubbers, because I have not seen them side by side. I think I have regular grasshoppers and not lubbers, cause I thought lubbers were more colorful. They seem to be eating the wheat germ I put in there but show no interest in the greens and so I don't know if they are getting any moisture. >.< Also how strong of a light should I have on them? I have a 15 watt on them now, and they are in a ten gallon tank. Sorry for all the questions, I just want to make sure I get it right before I try another batch.
  6. Ok so I'm trying to raise some local (from San Luis Obispo, CA) grasshoppers that I've caught as feeder insects for my Cham. (hoping to get him off those stupid crickets) Anyway I am having the hardest time getting them to eat anything I buy from the grocery store. I would just harvest some grass from my backyard but sadly we spray for ants so that's not a possibility. I was wondering if anyone knew of something that grasshoppers liked to eat? Like something you can buy?
  7. Andee

    Hello all ^^

    10 gallon o.o I thought they would need much bigger XD shows how much I know XD
  8. Andee

    Hello all ^^

    Breeding containers thanks for the warm welcomes <3
  9. Andee

    Hello all ^^

    I am Amber, I live in California, and keep Chrysina Beyeri. This is my first time keeping beetles and already have several larvae and eggs. I have really started to love them and am so excited for the larvae. I have learned so much already. I have also started looking at stag and rhino beetles. I was wondering how large a container most of them need?
  10. Andee

    What are you Working With?

    I am working with some Chrysina Beyeri, have around 8-9 larvae so far and a couple eggs. Hopefully will get some more out of this first generation which I haven't had for their first month. I am having some pretty good success with these beetles as it is my first time keeping anything besides roaches ^^ I haven't counted the larvae ratio recently so I might have some new eggs or larvae. Thanks to this forum I have learned so much <3