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  1. Greatwun

    Last Night Collections

    Very nice specimens!
  2. Greatwun

    algodones dunes trip

    Awesome specimens there! I don't think we have ever had a collecting report from the Algodones dunes here in the forum. Hope you find lots of more great specimens.
  3. Greatwun

    My Monster Female D. Tityus!

    Alan raised a D. tityus that became a 69mm adult male! That is the biggest I have seen that had pictures of it as well. Congrats on the female!
  4. Greatwun

    Hello from the Sonoran desert in Arizona!

    Welcome to the beetle forum!
  5. Greatwun

    hi guys :D

    Welcome! What kind of beetles are you currently breeding?
  6. Greatwun

    Greetings From Southern California

    Welcone to the beetle forum!
  7. Greatwun

    Great Plains Giant Tiger Beetle

    Nice find there!!
  8. Greatwun

    New to forum

    Welcome to the forum
  9. Greatwun

    Lucanus placidus

    is this the rarest species in Lucanus genus (U.S. native)? I've never seen these available.
  10. Greatwun

    My new Jerusalem crickets!

    very cool trio!
  11. I always wondered about this with all the large amount of dried specimens that are brought over from S. America every year.
  12. Greatwun

    Hello from California!

    Welcome to the forum and good luck with you D. tityus larvae!
  13. Greatwun

    Hello From Maryland

    Hello and welcome!
  14. Greatwun

    Flashiest Beetles. What's your favorite?

    Several species from the Chrysina genus like C. aurigans