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  1. Danny

    yo, long time man...IM BACK!!!!

  2. woohoo cant wait for the warm weather to kick in...anybody have any idea on where/how to look for megasoma sleeperi?
  3. Danny

    Lucanus Elaphus L2 Larvae

    bery nice
  4. Danny

    Large oak paradise

    are those canyons down south by mission viejo?
  5. Danny

    Large oak paradise

    woa...thats a lot of oak...things like that are hard to find here in ca anyone from socal have any suggestions on where to find rotten oaks?
  6. Danny

    Pupa cell

    i think a week is plenty of time, usually you want to wait until the color is orangish to remove, tho its not recommended that you move them unless absolutely necessary. the reason I moved mine was because I took the male out for photo and due to the dryness, his cell collapsed so I'd no choice but to build him another one.
  7. Danny

    Dream home

    any updates on building your "dream home"?
  8. does anyone have one for sale?
  9. Danny

    Hello from CA

    sure thing
  10. Danny

    A rhinoceros beetle larva

    that is only good looking young fella...early L3 I suppose?
  11. hey alex...where in CA are you from? i would like to buy some from you also..
  12. Danny

    Beetle/Larvae hunting! Almost time!

    wish we have that kind of stuff here in CA
  13. Danny

    Hello from CA

    Greetings to all my fellow beetle friends... My name is Danny and I have always been a beetle enthusiast since I was a kid. I hope I can make friends here, go on collecting trips, share breeding tips, and etc.