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  1. Skink

    Mystery grub crawling gifs

    I don't think we get D. granti here either, though I do believe we get D.tityus this far north but this definetly isn't D. tityus. The head would have to be a lot darker, I think. This state is huge with lots of different ecosystems, but we are very south and not terribly west. We get lots of crisscrossing territories but I don't think there's solid coverage for anything. If it is a flower, I'm going to need to give it a lot more wood, so that is good to know. I wasn't aware only particular beetle types moved along their back. I thought it was a more common form of locomotion. Also good to know! This guy isn't a recent find, I came across him in... November I believe?
  2. Skink

    Mystery grub crawling gifs

    I wish I could, but all I have is a poopy cellphone camera that detests taking photos of small things. The best photo I got of him last night was this: Not really ID worthy. All the other ones came out too dark, too blurry, or more often too amorphous blob. It'll have to wait until I get a camera with a macro setting
  3. I do not know the species of this grub, since I just found him on an off chance while out gathering substrate material. I want to say he is now L3 since he's a lot bigger than when I first got him but I didn't find him tiny, and he's doing well on the mix I have given so I assume it's a rhino/ox of some sort. Anyway! I made these gifs to explain to a friend how they crawl along their backs when she asked how they got around with those giant butts and tiny legs. Also some bonus fresh hatched D tityus! The poor pale guy hatched deformed but I have high hopes for the others.
  4. Skink

    Breeding stenopelmatus fuscus

    I wish I could tell you, I just dug through some selective googling to get the info I gave. Sorry man
  5. Skink

    Euchroea histrionica

    Sorry about that. A lot of us are US located, so we're not allowed to have anything that isn't US native. Leaves us with a bit of an information void I'm afraid.
  6. Skink

    My underwater "bugs"

    Thought I should let you know that I never really considered shrimp as a pet until you showed that there were multiple varieties.. currently in the process of planting a 30 gallon and a 5 gallon for cherry varieties! You put the bug in my ear, so to speak, and I've been doing research and getting a little obsessed. Do you have any recommendations for folks to go to for high grade cherries?
  7. Skink

    Ball python

    If your female is not het for albino, you won't get an albino cinnamon. From a clutch between these two, your odds are 50/50 for each egg to be a normal or a cinnamon. All of the babies will be 50% het albino (if dad is 100% het albino,) meaning there's a 50% chance they are carrying the albino gene. If you want to hit an albino cinny, you need to have a cinnamon carrying the gene for albino. I would hold back any cinnamon daughters and breed them back to dad to try and prove them out if you don't want to buy an albino gene cinnamon. However you can never have too many females, picking up het albinos or other codoms carrying the albino gene would work just as well. You just won't get any visible albinos from this pairing here.
  8. Skink

    Ball python

    Is your cinny female het for albino? Albino cinnamons are some seriously sexy combos. If she is, I hope you hit an albino cinnamon!
  9. Skink

    Breeding stenopelmatus fuscus

    No personal experience, but from what I've read: Sandy soil would be a good substrate! It must be loamy enough to hold burrows. These guys are big on burrowing so deeper is better. You probably won't see much of them except for at night - maybe make sure they are exposed to a natural photoperiod through a nearby window to keep 'em on track. They do have a particular mating season. Set the terrain up with plenty of hiding places so they feel secure! They'll eat lots of stuff, including greens/veggies as a main part of the diet. They like small roots, potatoes, carrots, grainy foods, fruits... but they are BIG on eating predaciously, they need a sufficient amount of protein. They will hunt and eat other insects and eat meat if they're presented with it. Cannibalization can occur before mating because of this, but I'm having trouble finding anyone mentioning if they are supplementing any protein to try and prevent it. If you're going to attempt it, make sure there's a lot of space for each cricket, and lots of hiding places and additional food sources available. You'd still be going in blind of gaurantees, though. Females also cannibalize the males after mating. If you want to keep your male going, might be better to seperate their housing by sex, and make sure the female is stuffed full of other protein before you introduce the male.
  10. Skink

    Dynastes tityus

    I love the blonde haired heart throb look his dark shell gives. He's really cute! Nice find, especially with the females!
  11. Skink

    Importing natives?

    I can blame them for having poor information. Ignorance of available information is never anyone's fault but the individuals, and that it should harm or hinder anyone else is idiocy at its finest. I'm fully aware of invasive species and the issues they cause. However, I am also keen on keeper rights and I am not a fan of blanket bans or assumptions. They are lazy, dismissive, and harmful. Using the beetle hobby as an example, imagine if they were better evaluated and banned species by species instead of as a whole - the hobby would be a lot bigger than it is. Things could even be handled at the state level populations could only establish in small pockets and microclimates. Instead, we get federal legislation that makes taking natives over state lines illegal. If they were the ones who banned it, how can I NOT blame them? I'm not faulting them, but blame is certainly deserved. I'm not here to debate that. I'm very prickly about these things, sorry.
  12. Skink

    Importing natives?

    The USDA claims a lot of things. I wish there was a more knowledgeable authority to call them out on blatant mistakes like that. Stupid blanket bans and their interfering with my conscious grumblegrumble etc
  13. Skink

    Dynastes neptunus 3D puzzle model

    Oh my goodness I need to get this. I've collected toys in the past, but when I look at the wildlife figurine selection Japan has I get pretty overwhelmed, they have some truly quality stuff.. this is definitely very nice and stand out enough to get.
  14. Skink

    Importing natives?

    Wait, having native species cross state lines is illegal? Is this a part of the Lacey Act or something very similar? That.. honestly gives me second thoughts about ever selling anything I raise, I would prefer to operate within the law regardless of how ridiculous it is. Perhaps I'll only vend from the local reptile show should the time ever come. Thank you for the more concise answer guys, every time I tried to find it, I came across nothing but language referring to invasive species.
  15. I'm curious as to the legality of importing native species from out of country. I'm already fully aware that importing non-native species is completely illegal, but I've been unable to find a clear cut answer as to species that are native to the states already. I'm really interested in some of the work that has been done with our native species in Japan, and I'm already planning on getting some Pacman frogs legally exported from there. I've also seen people bringing Lucanus elaphus back in to the states from Japan, but I have no idea how they went about that, so I am wary to say it was a legal process. Anyone have a clean cut answer on that, or at least the ability to illuminate rather than speculate?