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  1. Beetle-Experience

    kinshi and substrate for japanese rhino beetles

    Yes, Mantisfan101 is correct - would need a USDA/APHIS permit and, depending on what you have, a inspected and permitted containment facility. The person who sold these to you would need the same thing.
  2. Beetle-Experience

    How to preserve/hold on to substrate

    Could also freeze it
  3. Beetle-Experience


    It may have been part of that same import
  4. Beetle-Experience


    Not yet, working on some ideas that might have a better shot
  5. Beetle-Experience


    So, after about 14 years of planning and work, I finally held my own Hercules Beetle! (plus a few of my other all-time-favorite beetles that I had never seen in person before) Now to continue work on my ultimate goal.. a beetle rearing facility..
  6. Beetle-Experience

    Geotrupes sp. in captivity?

    Davehuth, I have worked with a similar species here (Louisiana). If you use cow or horse dung it really doesn't smell for very long (dry dung would not work well). You could also try banana slices if you can't manage dung - but just for keeping adults alive, they will not lay eggs on banana. When I was working on the dung beetle book, I kept large plastic breeding totes in a spare bathroom and never noticed the smell in any other room. I DO NOT suggest using human or dog. Both work great for collecting in the field but would not be pleasant to work with in captivity. I could make a list of reasons why you shouldn't use these but you can probably already figure out most of the list. If you are looking to breed them, you would need rather deep substrate (just dirt is fine in this case), Place dung on the surface and replace when it is gone. Of the geotrupids that use dung for egg laying (like the species in your photo; many other geotrupids do not use dung) - they are paracoprids (tunnelers), not endocoprids as JKim suggested. Yours might be Geotrupes blackburnii, or a closely relates species. Good Luck! Steven
  7. Beetle-Experience

    Likelihood of WC D. tityus females to be fertilized?

    Yes. There is a trade off unfortunately. You may damage an egg or two, but still might end up with more larvae. Someone with unlimited space, substrate and containers could move the females to fresh containers - leaving the older ones undisturbed, but I've never been in that situation.
  8. Beetle-Experience

    Likelihood of WC D. tityus females to be fertilized?

    For "2 in a 5" I would do every 1.5 to 2 weeks. Remove the females for a day or so and feed them heavily while you check.
  9. Beetle-Experience

    Likelihood of WC D. tityus females to be fertilized?

    This is true most of the time (leaving the container undisturbed), but with 2 females in a 5gal - you might check more frequently. They do not remember where they laid their last egg and can easily disturb even their own eggs. Under perfect conditions, you could have one female per 10gal and not worry, but you may end up with more good eggs by checking than you would by leaving them. Before you start digging look through the bottom of the container and see if you spot any eggs. Good luck, Steven
  10. Beetle-Experience

    Likelihood of WC D. tityus females to be fertilized?

    I have noticed the same as Goliathus..
  11. Beetle-Experience

    Last Night Collections

    This year seems to be a good year for D. tityus for some reason - collected 5 last Saturday and 7 others between the two previous weekends. In (I think it was) 2008, we collected over 60 adult S. aloeus in one night! ...have never seen those numbers again though. They seem to like moist and highly compactable substrate for oviposition. I also keep the males in a different container because they seem to disturb the eggs. Steven
  12. Beetle-Experience

    Hello from Louisiana

    "Hey" from Lafayette..
  13. Beetle-Experience

    Goliath beetle

    I haven't been bitten yet, but they seem pretty strong.. I keep mine in deli cups though
  14. Beetle-Experience

    Goliath beetle

    I'm working on something now
  15. Beetle-Experience

    Goliath beetle

    As far as I know they went with information from the documentation they had at the time. They would need further proof that the other two species could not harm plants at any point in their life cycle