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  1. Beetle-Experience

    State of the Hobby(TM)

    This was the response from USDA/APHIS/PPQ regarding the California Stag Beetle issue: April 20, 2016: "I have seen the California documents and they are misleading." "The California permitting information only applies to movement within California of material already in California. The USDA has jurisdiction over "plant pests" crossing state lines. The USDA does not regulate movement of plant pests established in a state and moved within the same state unless there is a Federal Quarantine."
  2. Beetle-Experience

    State of the Hobby(TM)

    The California / Lucanid thing is false - I checked into it last year
  3. Beetle-Experience

    Goliath beetle

    I posted about the California/Stag thing near the bottom of this thread on May 26, 2016:
  4. Beetle-Experience

    Goliath beetle

    darktheumbreon: I have heard this several times, but it is false information. I actually checked with APHIS on this specifically..
  5. Beetle-Experience

    Goliath beetle

    Yes, most people would renew their permit before it expires - and actually, "most people" in this case usually means zoos and institutions with containment facilities. "completion of the intended use." - They basically don't want you keeping things past their permit or releasing them. I have heard of people being able to turn over insects to other permitted facilities instead of killing them. PPQ (at least) generally need to keep things vauge, because they deal with everyone from a one-room facility to giant labs and from hobbyists to pest-control corporations. I doubt we will see deregulation of many of the large rhino and stag beetles any time really soon. The reasons that some of the Goliaths have been delisted were due to their life cycles, which are very different from almost all of the others in the family. Mantis Menagerie: What are you planning to do with exotic beetles if issued a permit?
  6. Beetle-Experience

    Goliath beetle

    Are you working on a containment facility? I'm hopefully working towards deregulating - for everyone (no permits)
  7. Beetle-Experience

    Goliath beetle

    Still just the three. I've been working on the other two (and a few other species) but haven't had any positive changes yet.
  8. Beetle-Experience

    Goliath beetle

    I did, but I was one of the first under the new rule. In general, you would need a FWS wildlife import license to directly import from overseas. That question, actually.. any question about rules or importing would be fine to ask here.
  9. Beetle-Experience

    Goliath beetle

    With the amount of protein they are fed I change the larval substrate pretty regularly, which helps keep the mite numbers down. (the substrate can also collect too much moisture or go bad pretty easily). Yes, don't use the substrate/sand mixture for pupation, it works but is not ideal. I'm pretty sure I'm the only person selling the correct (and tested) pupation substrate so far These mites are not the good type, they can overrun the larvae containers and congregate on the food pellets. They can also block sphericals.. Steven
  10. Beetle-Experience

    Goliath beetles

    Bugboy3092: Yes, they will be. I've only had one male so far Goliathus: Yes: I have a few, small ventilation holes in each container, some on the lid and some on the sides. The cocoon is normally buried, but some of the times they dig it up with them when they are emerging.
  11. Beetle-Experience

    Goliath beetles

  12. Beetle-Experience

    Goliath beetles

  13. Beetle-Experience

    Goliath beetles

    The first adults of my current Goliath beetle generation have started emerging..
  14. Beetle-Experience

    Gymnetis caseyi - new species name

    Two of my photos were used in Brett Ratcliffe's newly published revision of Gymnetis (where the species revision was published).
  15. Beetle-Experience

    Dung Beetle questions

    Dubia4life, Use a 2 or 3 liter soda bottle, cut the top off and invert it back into the bottle like a funnel. Bury this in the ground to where the top is even with the surface. This part is called a "Barney bag" (not named after me): Use a ziplock bag and mash a small amount of bait near the bottom of the bag. Turn the bag over and place it on a stick directly over the opening of the pit-fall trap (just hang the upside down bag on the end of the stick, don't puncture the bag with the stick). Good Luck, Steven Barney "The Complete Guide to Rearing the Rainbow Scarab"