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  1. stagtacus

    Expected earnings for invert sellers

    Some one here in taiwan makes about $200 a month just selling goliathus flower beetle only D titiyus have 200 pairs per year market as far as i know
  2. stagtacus

    Few beetle photos

    The first photo is just a very big & stocky Dorcus hopei binodulus In Japan they call it 極太 Thanks guys for the nice comment
  3. stagtacus

    Few beetle photos

  4. stagtacus

    Few beetle photos

    Dhh a nice 147mm A friend got a pretty fresh 160mm Dhh ( know blood line ) i will try to take a few photos later
  5. stagtacus

    Few beetle photos

    This guy is just short of 80mm price is $1,000 In case of anyone likes to know
  6. stagtacus

    Need help identifying giant Grasshopper/Katydid

    Nice !!! Wish i could take one to the 2017 taipei insect show
  7. stagtacus

    Going to Japan

    Perhaps getting a robohon phone as well
  8. stagtacus

    Clothing company

    Just a quick idea to share Have you think of using hemp as clothing materials My friend and i may do some research on using hemp materials for martial arts uniforms & other uses i am in the taiwan martial arts club USA maybe a cheap material producing country/something to think about
  9. stagtacus

    Which would you choose?

    male size 100mm & undetermined female sizedepend on general wc size/$500 a pair is the cheapest price $3,000 is fair price for a pair of male size 150mm & female medium to large size Compair to a pair of WC 100mm Dorcus alcides price $6,000 in Japan
  10. stagtacus

    Which would you choose?

    Have you ever thinking about taking a trip and collect some wild ones It would be a trip to remember and really healthy beetle as well theory is they should produce up to 100+ healthy eggs
  11. stagtacus

    Which would you choose?

    If i didn't have to travel & move so much/moved 23 times and counting i would go to Dhh native wild location & collect 10 adult pairs and go back collect some more every few years or so That is if you really into this species
  12. stagtacus

    Which would you choose?

    But smaller one may indicate health issue
  13. stagtacus

    Which would you choose?

    Yes i will. Thanks Bigger beetle is just higher % chance of big beetle that is all
  14. stagtacus

    Which would you choose?

    It seems the larger the beetle the higher the chance of curved horn but there are ways to decrease the risk im not specialized in rhinoceros beetles What i can do is offer you phone assistance if need to when im in taiwan Or we can trade for things
  15. stagtacus

    Which would you choose?

    How about $250 a pair male & female Larvae shipping included/THE REAL McCoy GUARANTEED !!!