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  1. tert100

    River monsters anyone?

    Hey guys, any of you into fish? I know I am and I have a lot of tanks at home ranging from 10 gallons to 210 gallons. If ou want to make this post a place to put you setups that'd be cool.
  2. tert100

    2 new pets **What are they?**

    Where did you get this ?
  3. tert100


    Makes sense.
  4. The bucephalus won and no mostly no harm is done. But there are exceptions
  5. tert100

    ID Help

    Stink/Shield Bug.
  6. tert100


    I have heard of people crossbreeding D. Tityus and D. Granti and I myself tried it on Hercules and Neptunus but got only deformed specimines. I was wondering if the Larger dorcuses titanus, bucephalus, taurus etc. could cross. I was also wondering if cervus and elaphus could cross.
  7. Wow you guys have so many great opinions and in terms of the d. titanus v.s. d bucephalus look at this.
  8. tert100

    Beetle Larva ID?

    I agree.
  9. Hey everyone, You probably already know this but fighting beetles is really big in Asia, and as I am Asian I myself do love it. I was wondering what stag beetle you thought is the strongest and what rhino/hercules is the strongest? For stags I would say Dorcus Bucephalus. For Rhino/Hercules I would say Dynastes Neptunus. I am interested i hearing your opinions, Leon
  10. tert100

    Strategus aloeus pupa

    Peter how large is your larvae? Do you mind posting pics?
  11. tert100


    Looks like the start of one.
  12. tert100

    Pupa cell

    When you guys get them breeding, I would love to get some.
  13. That's sweet. But I only yell this is spartanburg on days when I feel sad. Anyone use baits?
  14. Hello Everyone, Just wondering, in your area what are your favorite beetles t find and what are your favorite methods? For me, I start out not and hunt for Ceruchus Piceus Larvae by just breaking open red wood. Later on I go under lights to catch my favorite of what we have here which are the Lucanus Capreolus. I am interested in hearing all of the different opinions and methods. Thanks, Leon