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  1. hardshell

    Making kinshi!

    hey shades... if i post a picture of my thing, can u identify what it is? fuzzy white strings.... i read somehwere that oyster shrooms starts out as spider web like stuff so idk
  2. hardshell

    Making kinshi!

    my kinshi bottle started making tons of thin white stringy stuff... is this kinshi or mold? i can never tell
  3. hardshell


    hey this is hardshell and i also live in the WA we can find rugose/ceruchus/and platucerus in our state small but still cute
  4. hardshell

    Greetings from Atlanta

    good luck with your substrate!!!
  5. hardshell

    My new blog

    i love your rove beetle part of the blog! very interesting... how well are they with handling? do they spray chemicals?
  6. hardshell

    predatory mites

    ah ok i just wanted something so control mite/nematode
  7. hardshell

    predatory mites

    is it a good idea to put hanful of red predatory mites in my stag beetle cage? (both adults, eggs, larva, and pupa) or will it eat my eggs and stuff?
  8. just one of my old video i think straitus is the only stag beetle that will actually fight with other males in WA anyways since i am going beetle hunting for few days, do you guys think rugose larvae can be bred and pupated in oyster mushroom kinshi? they seems to die very easily... ( fermented substrate/ shreded oak does not work for me)
  9. hardshell

    Collecting Goals

    for me..... early spring or late winter is the only/best hunting season for rugose/platycerus and ceruchus and summmer for tiger beetles :3
  10. hardshell

    tiny larvae ID

    nice microscope! i think its nematoads
  11. hardshell

    Yo! From CT.

    hey! welcome you should grow carnivorous plants very exciting to grow
  12. hardshell

    breeding logs

    so i have this crazy idea... to put multiple pairs of p.mulleri ( OR cyclomatus) in a giant tub filled with giant breeding logs and beetle jellies... will females kill each other? or eat eggs? also if u happen to sell giant oak breeding logs PLEASE PM me i might also buy oak leaves so pm me
  13. hardshell

    How Do You Do Breakfast?

  14. hardshell

    Laws on shipping in the US

    you can get a permit to "keep" exotic beetles by making a tiny public museum xD i know a guy in seattle who opened up a tiny bug corner museum.. but he moved to CA to retire
  15. hardshell


    @bill ive been busy upgrading my carnivorous plants... ( growtent)