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  1. My vinagroons are North America (Mastigoproctus giganteus), hardly anybody has the Asian ones in the US hobby. Have you breed the Egyptian ones before? Also Do they need a heat lamp, or would a 80+ degree room would be ok? Oh do you have a picture of a gravid Egyptian, so I can compare them?

  2. I men't has anybody bread them who is on this page. No I don't have his book, I might pick up a copy soon though. Did he mention how he incubated the eggs?

    Also did Orion rear the Egyptian or Arizona specie? Because I have never heard of anybody rearing the Egyptian specie successfully.

  3. Thanks for the info on vinagroons, has anybody successfully bread them on this page?

    The wind scorpion has hundreds of circle looking things imprinted in her abdomen, but every time I shrink the image in in order to post it, the image becomes to blurry. Can I send you a photo of it, so I can have a second opionon ? Also, any tips on how to keep the eggs alive, if she lays them?

  4. Ok, I went to the sac reptile show and picked up a few new pets and three of them where a 1.1 pair of adult vinagroons and a HUGE female Egyptian wind scorpion (Solifugae???). I also think she's gravid, due to her gigantic size. She was collected in Egypt 2 weeks ago btw. So my questions are:

    1) any tips on breeding vinagroons/can I keep them together

    2) how moist should I keep there tank

    3) what would a good sub be

    4) what would a good sub be for the Solifugae

    5) how moist should I keep the Solifugae

    6) is it possible to tell if she's gravid through the photo

    Thanks for the help