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    Shipping method in cold weather

    I would think it would be harder to ship underwater stuff in freezing weather. Thanks for the info, I'll try your way. Thanks Austin
  2. a.ojala

    Shipping method in cold weather

    No, still in the uk for one more week. Shipping should only take about 3-5 days by the way.
  3. a.ojala

    How do you pick?

    The ox beetle, lol.
  4. a.ojala

    Importing natives?

    I know it's illegal to import or export anything alive from the Uk. But I'm not sure about Japan.
  5. The top 50% is 80% wood 30% composted soil. The bottom 50% is 10% wood 40% composted soil.
  6. Well most of the wood is towards the top of the container, so the D.Tityus larvae could just be eating. Where could I buy clay from??? Would that be something that could be found at a garden store?
  7. My D.Tityus and both species of ox beetles are also doing this, if you find out what to put them in, let me know Oh and will freshwater aquarium sand work??
  8. a.ojala

    Banned insect list by state?

    Yep it certainly feels like that, lol.
  9. a.ojala

    Banned insect list by state?

    Anything that is not native and eats vegetation/organic material is illegal.
  10. a.ojala

    Any beetles give live birth?

    There are some really cool looking leaf beetles by the way: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leaf_beetle
  11. a.ojala

    Eastern beetles in LA

    Do you know the name of the vendor who was selling those beetles???
  12. a.ojala

    Beetles that are legal to sell in America?

    good idea, just sent you a pm by the way
  13. a.ojala

    Caresheets? Fermented Sawdust?

    here is one of the best ones out there: http://bugsincyberspace.com/Rhino_Beetle_Care_Sheet.html also found this video on how to make substrate hope it helps
  14. a.ojala

    L1, L2, L3...huh?

    L1 is a larvae that has just hatched from an egg L2 is one molt above L3 is about to pupate and become a beetle
  15. a.ojala

    Beetles that are legal to sell in America?

    i have some D.Granti and D.Tityus eggs for sale by the way.
  16. a.ojala

    Beetles that are legal to sell in America?

    D.Granti, D.Tityus, lucanus elephus are the three major ones.
  17. a.ojala

    Dynastes tityus X grantii

    Let me know how long it lives for And if you get any eggs
  18. a.ojala

    Coelosis Bicornis hibernation

    It depends on the specie and the time of year. Most of the time it's 3 months or less.
  19. a.ojala

    Coelosis Bicornis hibernation

    They Barrie them selfs, don't eat that much, and are not really active are all sighs that they are hibernating.
  20. a.ojala

    Female Strategus Aloeus (Ox Beetle)

    Banana should work, but you can also try apples, oranges, and melons.
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    Hi, my name is Austin. I just started rearing beetles this year, but I have been raising reptiles since I was 5 I have over 60 different species of reptiles, and 100 total specimens. So if you guys ever have any questions on breeding or identifying reptiles I'm your guy;) I plan to attend UC Davis next year hopefully getting a minor in entomolgy, while also becomeing a vet for exotics. Right now I'm a senior in high school, and I played on my schools football team for the last 4 years. Now the season ended So i have more time to commit to my hobbies. Thanks for reading Austin
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    How do I get rid of Fruit Flies?

    I've used this technique in the past. 1)Get a cup, and poor 1/2 of red wine 2)Place a slice of fruit inside the cup, but make sure it's above the wine level 3)wrap plastic wrap on the top of the cup 4)poke tiny holes in the plastic wrap 5)Waite 24 hours, then throw the cup out, it should be filled with fruit flys