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  1. Also Is it dangerous to fight beetles? How often does a fight lead to a life threatening injury?
  2. a.ojala

    Hello from Delaware

    Welcome to the forum, by any chance do you have any trancula pairs up for sale/trade?
  3. a.ojala

    ID Help

    It's a predatory stink bug. Idk on the exact specie though.
  4. P.G.K. are very elongated, and have little mass, but they use there spikes on there jaws to puncture the opponents body which often kills there opponent.
  5. No way, the strongest stag would have to be dorcus titanus titanus. Idk for rhinos, but I'd suggest DHH or Atlas.
  6. a.ojala

    Strategus aloeus pupa

    Finally, my pair of Strategus aloeus pupated couple weeks ago
  7. a.ojala

    Pupa cell

    Two of my ox beetle larvae started to pupate last week. I've seen people put pupa into a man made chamber. So my question is based on; at what point can I remove the pupa from its original cell and place it in the man made cell, And how do you construct a cell? Thanks for your time
  8. a.ojala

    Ball python

    Finally, my male albino het and my cinnamon female laid its first clutch of eggs. She laid a total of 8 eggs but only two where fertile. This is pretty common for a females first clutch. Can't Waite to see what's going to pop out any guesses???? ***** Update***** it has been 7 or so weeks since the eggs where laid. Since the eggs where collapsing a lot, I decided to help the little guy out and cut him out a window. Idk on the exact morph but from what I can see, he/she looks pretty cool.
  9. a.ojala

    Tenebs and dried apricots

    Dried dog food, apples, lettuce, potatoes, and chicken crumble work great. If you use chicken crumble as a substrate they will eat it and lay there eggs in it.
  10. a.ojala

    Sexing Strategus aloeus pupae

    Thanks for the helpful info
  11. a.ojala

    Pupa cell

    Is the sub right? I used 70% red clay 30% sand btw.
  12. a.ojala

    Pupa cell

    2 out of the 3 pupated already thanks to Lucanus clay substrate. So far I have one male and one female, can't Waite till they emerge.
  13. a.ojala

    Phanaeus vindex

    On average how many eggs does a single female lay? Also do you think horse dung will work as a substitute to cow dung ?
  14. a.ojala

    Beetle ID

    I know it's a specie of darkling beetle, but I don't know it's specific scientific name. This one is the biggest darkling beetle I have ever seen. It's back also has this weird patter. I caught it last week in Sonoma ca in a woodpile next to a creek. Any ideas?
  15. a.ojala

    Strategus aloeus pupa

    Idk Peter ask Lucanus. These where origanly his.
  16. a.ojala

    Beetle ID

    I went out bugging today and found 30+. There about 1.5-2 inches. Pm me if your interested.
  17. a.ojala

    Mystery grub crawling gifs

    My bad, I ment D.Tityus
  18. a.ojala

    Mystery grub crawling gifs

    Since you live in Texas I'd say its probably L2 D.Granti.
  19. a.ojala

    Mystery grub crawling gifs

    Can you get a clear photo of the mystery larvae head and side?
  20. Has anybody attempted breeding jc's before??? I would like to know if I can house a group of 4 together, and if so in what size of a tank. Also what type of substate and diet would encourage breeding? Any info is welcomed
  21. Hey I just went collecting yesterday and caught 12 Polyphylla decemlineata (10 lined June bug) larvae. They look pretty small so I assume there L1. I have a couple questions: 1) do the larvae need to consume plant roots, or are they fine with compost soil and decayed wood 2) how long does the larvae stage usually last for 3) what are adult life span Thanks for the help
  22. a.ojala

    Polyphylla decemlineata info

    Thanks for the info. Wow 4 years, that's a really long larvae stage.