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    Warrior Beetles Question?

    I have ten In a five gallon container, with a sand/potting soil mixture. Haven't found any eggs yet, how moist should I keep them?
  2. Did you meat him on the forum or another social media? Unless you have a permit, it's illegal. He's probably just trying to get a quick sell.
  3. a.ojala

    Raising Grasshoppers

    Hey wizentrop, how long does it take for luber egg sacs to hatch? And do they really need a cool period then a warm period? Or can I just keep them 70-80 degrees 24/7 ?
  4. a.ojala

    Raising Grasshoppers

    I'm raising lubbers right now. I just feed them romain lettuce. I've had them since L2 and now there adults and have laid around 9 egg sacs in regular organic potting soil. I don't have any lights on them btw.
  5. a.ojala

    Beetle birthdays

    Is the water for diving beetles stagnate?
  6. a.ojala

    Dhh Larva

    He uses sub from B.I.C.S.
  7. Lol When I tried it I only used two females, but I found that 90% of the beetles that got attracted to the pheromones where males.
  8. It's never enough, if you catch extra you can always sell or trade them off. I tried it once with a flower beetle, and it seemed like it worked.
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    I believe they can still feel pain, since nothing major was severed.
  10. a.ojala


    Waite!!! Are Epomis beetles found in ca???? I found several beetles that look just like that by a creek near my house. They come out about the same time that the tadpoles turn into froglets.
  11. a.ojala


    Welcome Do you have whips in breading right now?
  12. a.ojala

    Entomology Class

    Ya, my high school was one of the only ones in the state which had one. My teacher was very knowledgeable (Mr.Holmes) and the curriculum was amazing.
  13. Welcome... What specie of larvae did you find in the oak? If you don't know, post a pic and we can help you out watch out with that Japanese product sometimes that's stuffs starts up again after you think it has done its job and can kill anything living in it.
  14. a.ojala

    Dried Leaves

    It has to be rotten
  15. a.ojala

    Firefly care?

    Don't they eat millipedes?
  16. a.ojala

    Let the next generation of Chrysina begin

    Organic potting soil mixed with leaf mulch. I had 9 adults in a 10 gallon tank.
  17. a.ojala

    Let the next generation of Chrysina begin

    Oh, I forgot to mention all of these eggs where laid in less than 4 hours.
  18. a.ojala

    Red P.muelleri

    Are they wild caught or captive bread?
  19. a.ojala

    Giant Water bug help needed.

    Off topic question but what bug show did you attended?
  20. a.ojala

    California Mountain Kingsnake available

    I'm interested. Check your inbox.
  21. a.ojala

    Bug Fair in Los Angeles

    Isn't it a dried only insect fair?
  22. a.ojala

    2 new pets **What are they?**

    Cool new pet https://www.google.com/search?q=atlas+beetle&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en&client=safari#itp=open2