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  1. mutrok4040

    Dead beetle....

    Oh missed last comment. Didn't know he found it
  2. mutrok4040

    Greetings citizens!

    Welcome! I'm also a noob here! Good luck with your larvae!!
  3. mutrok4040

    Dead beetle....

    If it has a tiny bump on its head it could be Xylotrupes.
  4. mutrok4040

    Legal to own "pest"?

    I would do it. Just say you didn't to the gov't, I doubt they'll care about a 'couple of bugs.' All I know is that it is strictly illegal to ship or take phasmids across state lines.
  5. mutrok4040

    Legal to own "pest"?

    No, I'm sure you wouldn't, all you are doing by keeping them is preventing them to be a pest in the wild. Yeah most 'June' beetles seem to love hot weather. But they are still around here with temps in mid 80's to 60's at night.
  6. mutrok4040

    4 Lucanus Elaphus!

    Ok, thanks
  7. mutrok4040

    4 Lucanus Elaphus!

    I have four larvae of this species now, two huge ones, and two slightly smaller ones. If you look at my other thread with the pic, you can get a good size comparison. Anyways, I collected the first larvae a month ago. He has been building very sturdy structures, I assume they are pupal cells, not some random hole. Just got the other ones today, not sure what they are doing, their container is huge, more than a foot wide, maybe 10 inches tall, so I cant see them very well. When should I expect them to pupate, and how long will their pupation stage last?
  8. mutrok4040

    Pelidnota punctata pupa

    OMG love this species! This was my first beetle species!
  9. mutrok4040

    Marbled salamander

    I found it at the perfect place for a salamander, basically salamander haven... but this guy was dry and far from the water... also getting attacked by tiny ants. I just took him home to help him a bit. When he was crawling around again I let him go to his little home again.
  10. mutrok4040


    Yes they do for around three months.
  11. mutrok4040

    Dorcus brevis

    Lucky! Ryan Minard could probably help you with this one. Good luck!!
  12. mutrok4040

    Black light!

    There were so many moths that if you shook yourself I sounded like rain was falling! Anyways I caught lots of some Strategus sp. But that was the only big beetle besides a 2+ inch click beetle. I hope I get stags! Are Dynastes sp. attracted to lights? We have tityus down here.
  13. mutrok4040

    Cotinis mutabilis

    I saw lots of them down here week ago.
  14. mutrok4040


    Hi! Welcome! I'm a newbie here too.
  15. mutrok4040

    Black light!

    Well, bought a black light, setting it up to attract beetles! I'll update with whatever I catch! (beetles, maybe some cool moths)