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  1. Once again I will suggest Eleodes :D The lovable, long lived darklings. Many species are available from many different people online, Peter (bugs in cyber space) as Eleodes subnitens for pretty cheap and they are a pretty good starterspecies.


    The larva are easy to keep. I just use coconut coir as substrate, let it dry out and keep some potato and carrots buried.


    The adults will eat fruit, dry foods (like cat food, cuttlebones, oats, hermit crab foods, and the like) and pretty much anything you can give them.


    A five gallon tank can house quite a few.


    Mites are not an issue unless they get on the fruit, but then you just take out the fruit for a few weeks. I never have any big issues with pest in my tanks, as these are desert species and mites aren't really :P

  2. Hi everyone,


    I have, multiple times now, found pupa in my Eleodes tanks. In both my Eleodes subnitens and Eleodes goryi tanks I have found multiple pupa and a few pre pupa in their own pupal cells.


    There has been one right up again the glass in my goryi tank for quite some time now, I have been watching it to see how it does without being separated.


    Has anyone else noticed this? I have read multiple times that they will not pupate in communal set ups but mine are, and it appears that they are not damaged or eaten any at all.


    (I have not gotten any from the acuticauda tank, so this has no tie to the deformed emerging beetles)

  3. Hi everyone :)

    As many of you know I have been working on my own website about air plants, well now it is open! :D

    Home page:




    I had to completely redo the gallery, the images broke after being uploaded to my server :/ but I like how this gallery looks better as people can upload photos and comment :D

    Everything is working that I have seen; however, if any issues come up, you have ideas, or just want to comment on something contact me in any way. I am open to all suggestions.

  4. I didn't see the original post so maybe there was something odd about the wording.


    There probably was, sometimes things come across differently online then what the people posting thought it would.


    That's why I reworded it to be less wordy ;)

  5. I'm as confused as you Jordan (possibly moreso) but I think he may be confusing you with a different Jordan.


    I did just edit/reworded my first post, in case it was offending or something.


    I asked if we knew who the new mods were, was wanting to welcome them like I do on all the other forums.

  6. Let's avoid the coy comments, jreidsma, and move forward, thanks.


    I am guessing coy means asking too many details or something of the like?


    Sorry didn't mean to pry or anything, looking forward to the new forum updates :) Maybe we will get a nice community going