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    Beetle recommendations?

    I think I know what you are talking about, hardshell, its by the reptile stuff and its in a big bag. Looks like wood chips that have decomposed a little.
  2. Hi everyone I have almost no access to wood, and so I am a bit limited on what beetles I can keep. I would love to keep the larger beetles like Dynastes but I cannot get enough wood for them. Right now I am mainly keeping Eleodes, and then a few cultures of things like bean weevils, spider beetles, Tenebrio molitor, and a few diabolical ironclads. None of them necessarily need wood that I have seen. So what beetles would you all recommend I look into? I am wanting to get into some that are possibly a bit bigger than Eleodes, but nothing that requires wood or anything special. Any ideas?
  3. jreidsma

    1 day vs 2 day shipping

    Should be fine I got my acuticauda and larva in priority shipping, and then when you sent me the goryi they all arrived fine
  4. jreidsma

    Hello from South Korea!

  5. jreidsma

    Beetle recommendations?

    Oh, I never thought about that. Maybe like the wood bedding for hamsters and small animals? Blend it up and let it sit for a while moist/wet and let it decompose a little maybe.
  6. jreidsma

    Beetle recommendations?

    I didn't know petco sold wood shavings, I will have to check that out.
  7. jreidsma

    Beetle recommendations?

    Sounds like a cool beetle Those are huge compared to the water beetles around here
  8. jreidsma

    Beetle recommendations?

    I have always wanted diving beetles, I caught a bunch while I was camping but they all died shortly after all at the same time for some reason. They wouldn't eat anything I gave them either, at least that I noticed. Now if I bought some they would probably do well, but if I ever see them for sell they aren't very cheap.
  9. With the Parcoblatta around here they need a cold period for them to mature and continue their lives. But I guess the more southern species don't.
  10. jreidsma

    Beetle recommendations?

    I would rather have stuff that would breed. Tiger beetles are awesome, but I cannot find any.
  11. Do the zebra ones need a cold period?
  12. jreidsma

    Beetle recommendations?

    Even the larva eat fish food? I just started the mealworms so there aren't any larva of them to feed yet.
  13. jreidsma

    Beetle recommendations?

    There are harpalus in my yard, but they seem to only eat crickets which would get rather expensive.
  14. I don't know much about them, but I want some lol. Are they some sort of wood roach? I am trying to keep parcoblatta, too bad my mom is allergic to roaches
  15. jreidsma

    where did they go?

    The beetle hobby isn't as popular (at least that I have noticed) to, lets say, the tarantula and scorpion hobby. And it seems like if anyone is going to a forum to talk about beetles or some specific type of insect they just post on the more general, or bigger forums like Arachnoboards. This is still a very nice forum I managed to get a large number of post going in a short amount of time already
  16. Hi everyone Here are my two five gallon tanks, one has Eleodes acuticauda and the other subnitens. I will soon have some goryi and once they become beetles obscurus, laticollis, and spinipes.
  17. I use pretty much the same as Inle, coconutcoir/fiber mixed with sand. The only bad thing with this substrate is there is nothing for the babies to eat, so I put some carrots every couple inches in the soil.
  18. jreidsma

    New spider beetles :D

    According to Peter and what I have seen they are very easy to care for. Give them some cat/other dry foods and something ti climb on. Not water needed and they do fine. They have become rather lazy though, not much movement right now
  19. jreidsma

    Greetings from Delaware USA

    Nice healthy beetle you have there My hissers would hiss away every single time I would try doing anything to them, lol. But once I would pick them up they would relax more and just hang there. The babies are hard to contain though, the babies can climb anything end escape anything almost, atleast that I tried Darklings make great pets, I have three five gallon tanks set up with Eleodes subnitens, Eleodes goryi, and Eleodes acuticauda. And I have goryi, spinipes, obscurus, and laticollis larva
  20. jreidsma

    Greetings from Delaware USA

    Oh that is a wonderful picture! What all roaches and stuff do you keep? If my mom wasn't allergic to roaches I would have more than these wood roaches I caught a little while ago. If the BDFB (blue death feigning beetles) have babies let me know. Hopefully I will be getting some babies from my Eleodes and maybe we could do a trade Do you mind if I use that picture as a wallpaper? I will put your username on it so I remember who's it was if it is alright with you lol, I love your avatar. Is it a large male hissing roach? I used to breed those before my mom found out she was allergic to them.
  21. Everytime I see this I crack up I have never noticed my other Eleodes doing this, I will keep my eyes out for it and maybe record it if I see them doing it again
  22. jreidsma

    Eleodes goryi in their new tank

    They are fun little beetles They are all climbed on top of stuff now, some are still trying to move everything around