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    Carrion beetles?

    I caught another 3-4 of these in my pitfall trap this morning They bury right into the substrate right away.
  2. jreidsma

    Lucanus capreolus pair

    Lol ya. Sometimes what it translates something to contradicts what you typed in
  3. jreidsma

    Hi everyone, from Michigan

    http://apboard.freeforums.org/portal.php After I get some activity on there I was going to move over to hostgator instead of freeforums.org.
  4. jreidsma

    Lucanus capreolus pair

    Lol, how did we get on the topic of languages... 내가 무슨 말을하는지 모르겠다 저는 구글 번역기를 사용하고으로서 말을하는지 모르겠다 Got to love google translator
  5. jreidsma

    does anyone have skype?

    I think I added you, I am jrreidsma I don't do voice or video calls though
  6. jreidsma

    Carrion beetles?

    Thats good, so I don't have to feed them rotting meat Thanks I will give them some banana or something Their so tiny, its going to be hard to get them a container they cant get out of!
  7. jreidsma

    Lucanus capreolus pair

    I agree Phil, the males are really impressive These are beautiful beetles Thanks for sharing
  8. jreidsma

    Eleodes (don't know exact species)

    Just bought some bananas, apples, lettuce, and pears to feed to these beetles and my new pachydesmus millipede (I am getting it in the mail within a day or two) I figured they might be getting sick of just apples
  9. jreidsma

    Eleodes (don't know exact species)

    I would rather have captive bred stuff anyways Then you don't have to worry about bringing in any mold/pest (even though I have never had any problems with them) Do you know where these would originally came from? Like their native area? I keep trying to google them but I can't find much on the specific species.
  10. I bought a large ginger root and cut some small pieces off of it. I set up two small jars as pit fall traps with a small amount of soil and a couple pieces of ginger in each one. About 30 minutes after setting it up I caught some sort of ground spider, I released it so it wouldn't harm any beetles or anything I caught. I will check it again in the morning
  11. jreidsma

    Eleodes (don't know exact species)

    I LOVE rare things Is the species E. subnitens rare? Do you mean that they started as a wild caught species but then they were captive bred for generations until now?
  12. jreidsma

    Eleodes (don't know exact species)

    Here is where I got them http://shop.bugsincyberspace.com/Darkling-Beetle-Pairs-Groups-bic979.htm Some more pictures: I can't find many pictures on E. subnitens, but the few I found online do look more like the ones I got. Especially because most of mine are fat
  13. jreidsma

    Eleodes sp. + Zophobas morio

    Some websites I have been on say that Eleode species live 3-15 years. I am planning on having mine for quite a while. I kind of wish the Z. morio lived long don't they only live a couple months at the most as adults? Thanks, and hope they all do well for you
  14. jreidsma

    Alaus Oculatus

    I have had a couple of these in my lifetime (only 16 years, lol;)) I had one during fifth grade, caught it during during fifth grade camp. I was walking around looking for things to bring home (inverts) and one flew right into my face and scared me half to death. So of course I had to keep it Then also a year later in the sixth grade we were collecting loosestrife beetles (we would go to spots where most of the purple loosestrife plants were eaten, and bring the beetles to another area. The loosestrife is a extremely invasive plant here) and one of my friends had found one of the eyed click beetles and gave it to me. I think mine may have been both older though, as I didn't have them long. I love these little guys though
  15. jreidsma

    lady beetles

    Nice pictures! My camera won't even focus on things that small I released a bunch of lady beetles this years in hopes they would stick around and keep the aphids down. I haven't seen any sense....
  16. jreidsma

    Eleodes sp. + Zophobas morio

    I have 22 Z. morio "superworms" right now that I bought at petsmart. I am not really going to use them for feeders, I just wanted more beetles and figured I should be able to get the whole life cycle from them. My mom watches my cousin (shes 3 years old or something) and they are wanting her to see animals and stuff early on. Large selection of darklings you have there Are all the Eleodes species long lived?
  17. jreidsma

    Eleodes (don't know exact species)

    They do look a lot like E. longicollis, especially the ones on this link: http://www.opsu.edu/Academics/SciMathNurs/NaturalScience/PlantsInsectsOfGoodwell/coleoptera/tenebrionidae/tenebrion14.html Maybe I could flip one over and get another picture. I don't want to call them a certain species until we are for sure (which vary well may never happen, knowing how many Eleodes there are) They are very cute They are constantly moving or doing something (at least a few are anyways) Their wing covers are fused together, and they are some sort of arid species.
  18. jreidsma

    Turned the porch light ont

    Thanks I believe those are what they are. Sorry they strip your cherry tree, they haven't done any noticeable damage yet to anything here.
  19. Hi everyone I know everyone has all these specialized lighting set ups for finding beetles But how can you resist not just "turning the porch light on" for a hour and seeing what comes Two lighter colored beetles showed up (first two pictures) and then a large group of "june beetles" came. I let them all go shortly after shooting a few pictures.(Sorry, my camera isn't good enough for closer pictures...)
  20. jreidsma


    They are back two years in a row! Too bad my neighbor ran them over with the lawn mower...