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    lucanus elaphus emergence time?

    Yes, that is totally normal for Lucanus, it's called diapause. Most scarabs will emerge to the surface soon after elcosing but Lucanus will stay in its pupal cell until its the right time of the season to emerge. Generally that is around late May, June. I currently also have many adult Lucanus beetles in their pupal cells in diapause. So as Ratmosphere says "Just leave em be bro". They will eventually emerge from their pupal cells and then you can feed them. Have fun!
  2. Garin

    Pupal chamber destroyed

    Make another one and put the pupa or larvae back in. Usually you can form one using the same substrate. Especially if the substrate is fine enough and clay like. I have heard of others using floral foam to make a pupal cell.
  3. Garin

    dynastes tityus Larva

    The potting soil. Dynastes is not that picky. I have heard of people raising Dynastes on potting soil alone. Probably not the healthiest way to raise them but it can work.
  4. Garin

    BDFB Larva starting to Pupate

    That's a great accomplishment! Those beetles are more difficult than others, so if you get an adult, that is fantastic. I have heard that high temps are the key. Good luck and keep us posted!
  5. Are you constantly mixing it? Twice a day is good at the beginning. Mix it up really well and keep doing that twice a day and the mold will go away.
  6. If you can, heat the room to at least 70. I think the acidic smell is the fermentation, generally the oak pellets have a very nice pleasant aroma. So I think it's working. Do you have any larvae frass? You can add some frass and that also works like the yeast.
  7. For me it generally gets warm within 24 hours. However, depending on your temperatures and how much you are doing at a time, it may not be that warm. However, you should smell a stinky smell. For some it's like a wine smell and for others it's a little bit of a rotten smell. If you are getting a smell, you are doing ok. If nothing, maybe your temperatures are too low?
  8. Garin


    Thanks for sharing Carl, where did you buy it?
  9. Wow, sounds interesting. I have not done this but I think it would work. Regardless, I say give it a try and please post some pictures. Blues love to explore so I'm sure they will enjoy your amazing setup.
  10. Garin

    Gymnetis thula

    Its all smooth sailing from here! Great job!
  11. Garin

    My First Scarab Pupae!

    Don't worry about AZ. I drove all the way to Payson from Nogales because I heard the D granti were flying early and we got rained out. 6 hours of driving for nothing. AZ has had a lot (too much) rain this summer. Congrats on your caseyi!
  12. Garin

    Finding beetles

    I have a friend that collects stag beetles at gas station lights, store lights, etc and does pretty well. A nice warming evening after a rain and no moon or very little moon is best. Unless of course there is cloud cover than the moon is not a factor. Good luck and have fun!
  13. Garin

    Hello from PNW

    Welcome to the beetle forum Jess! I hope you enjoy your time here.
  14. Garin

    Finding beetles

    I don't know your location but in Arizona and California, the easiest way to catch big beetles is setting up your own light or going to bright lights at gas stations, etc at night. You may even be able to find some nice stuff at your porch light on nice warm night. Check out some gas station lights in remote areas and see what you find.
  15. Garin

    My First Scarab Pupae!

    Congratulations! Things are turning around for you as expected!
  16. Garin

    Moneilema gigas (cactus longhorn)

    In Arizona, I have found them pretty much anytime. Day, night, etc. Because each time I went the weather and conditions were slightly different it's hard for me to say for sure whether I felt a certain time was better than the other. I think night is a little better but it's much easier to collect them when it's day light so you end up being more productive, if that makes sense. Walking around with a flash light among lots of cholla cactus is definitely not as easy as the daytime. There is also lots of it on the ground so make sure you are wearing boots. Those nasty thorns will go right through soft covered shoes. Of course, good long tweezers is a must. In their more active times, you will find more mating pairs. During the day, they will often be more toward the center of the cholla or the under branches as opposed to right on top. I don't think they submerge under the soil but stay on the cactus all the time, so it's just a matter of looking a little bit harder when they are less active. Oh, you probably know this but you can feed them prickly pear cactus even though you will often them on Cholla (you will also find them on prickly pear in the same location but I generally find them on Cholla more often). Prickly pear is much easier to handle. If you are out in the field and don't have access to prickly pear, you can feed them the little round flower buds that are at the tips of the cholla (see below picture). You can find some of these flower buds with no thorns on them and they are easy to just pick off with your hand. Great way to gather food for them without spiking yourself to death, haha.
  17. Garin

    Pasimachus californicus

    Cool beetles, I saw quite a few this year on my last trip to southern AZ. I finally found one with the green metallic outline. I have never tried breeding them, keep us posted.
  18. Any scarab that I am trying to keep alive?
  19. I'm no expert at the degreasing thing but when I did my D granti, I was told to totally submerge the specimen and let it soak a day or 2. If it's still a little dark, repeat. It did work for most of them but some still stayed black.
  20. Garin

    Purchase of stag beetles

    A friend of mine who is a very experienced breeder has told me that Lucanus mazama is one of the easiest stags to raise. Peter and others will probably have larvae available in the fall. (bugsincyberspace.com). I know that Peter will also have Luncanus elaphus but not sure if that is considered easy or hard.
  21. Garin

    Megasoma punctulatus pupae

    Sorry, I have no idea because I wasn't paying attention to the pupal cell and when it eclosed. I just noticed one day a beetle roaming around on top. However, I don't think it's very long. Goliathus would know, he has been breeding them for awhile and is very detailed in his observations. Yes, it could be the heat. Good luck and keep us posted when it starts to become active and starts eating. I was surprised at how much they eat. (beetle jelly)
  22. Garin

    Strategus aloeus

    A few of my S aloeus emerged this week! This is a great species if you are impatient like me. They grow super fast and become adults in about 9 months. Very easy to care for.
  23. Garin

    Megasoma punctulatus pupae

    Really nice pics. I also had 3 eclose last week. I checked the deli containers and there were beetles walking around on top. I didn't get to see the action since I never removed them from their original pupal cells. It's interesting that they are eclosing in June when in the wild they are generally not flying until late July.
  24. Garin

    Strategus aloeus

    Yes, they grow really fast. They actually reach full larvae size in a few months, it's sort of strange. I think they reached L3 in about 2 months.
  25. Garin

    Longhorn beetle (Plinthocoelium suaveolens)

    Awesome bycid! You are having a great year in your backyard!