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    Purchase of stag beetles

    A friend of mine who is a very experienced breeder has told me that Lucanus mazama is one of the easiest stags to raise. Peter and others will probably have larvae available in the fall. (bugsincyberspace.com). I know that Peter will also have Luncanus elaphus but not sure if that is considered easy or hard.
  2. Garin

    Megasoma punctulatus pupae

    Sorry, I have no idea because I wasn't paying attention to the pupal cell and when it eclosed. I just noticed one day a beetle roaming around on top. However, I don't think it's very long. Goliathus would know, he has been breeding them for awhile and is very detailed in his observations. Yes, it could be the heat. Good luck and keep us posted when it starts to become active and starts eating. I was surprised at how much they eat. (beetle jelly)
  3. Garin

    Strategus aloeus

    A few of my S aloeus emerged this week! This is a great species if you are impatient like me. They grow super fast and become adults in about 9 months. Very easy to care for.
  4. Garin

    Megasoma punctulatus pupae

    Really nice pics. I also had 3 eclose last week. I checked the deli containers and there were beetles walking around on top. I didn't get to see the action since I never removed them from their original pupal cells. It's interesting that they are eclosing in June when in the wild they are generally not flying until late July.
  5. Garin

    Strategus aloeus

    Yes, they grow really fast. They actually reach full larvae size in a few months, it's sort of strange. I think they reached L3 in about 2 months.
  6. Garin

    Longhorn beetle (Plinthocoelium suaveolens)

    Awesome bycid! You are having a great year in your backyard!
  7. Garin

    Cactus Long Horn Beetles

    Caught a few C palmeri in Southern California. I'm excited to see if I can breed these. Please post if you have any tips in regards to this species. Thanks!
  8. Garin

    Cactus Long Horn Beetles

    Yes, thanks
  9. Garin


    I love those carabids. I often see them in Madera Canyon running across the road. Sometimes they are just all black but sometimes they have that cool metallic green outline.
  10. Garin

    Hello from Southern Arizona!

    Southern Arizona, one of the most awesome places for insects in the country! You are so lucky! Welcome to the forum!
  11. Garin

    Jewel beetle (Buprestis rufipes)

    Wow, nice! Treasure in your backyard!
  12. Garin

    C gloriosa emerged

    I had a few C gloriosa emerge this last week. They can came out perfect which actually was a little bit of a surprise because I had a few die in the very late L3 stage. Chyrsina for me, just seems a little more difficult than the others like Dynastes, Strategus, Lucanus, Megasoma, etc. Does anyone know how long it takes before they eat and mate? I assume it's pretty quick? Thanks.
  13. Garin

    C gloriosa emerged

    Yes, the colors are amazing. Do you need larvae or adults? I should have more adults soon as they emerge but I'm not sure how to sex them. Life still overwhelming in the Amazon?
  14. Garin

    C gloriosa emerged

    Yes, I do. Unfortunately no detailed information on dealing with the difficulties of C beyeri.
  15. Garin

    C gloriosa emerged

    Hi Shade, great to hear from you as always. I'll be sure to add the fresh Juniper especially the tender, new growth. Fortunately I have a few big Junipers in my yard. It does seem like Chrysina is a bit more challenging than the other US species that are commonly raised. I have heard from a couple of breeders that C beyeri is a big challenge to get to pupate. Anybody get C beyeri to successfully pupate? I have asked this question before and I received no responses so I assume the answer is no. I am going to get the 3 different Chrysinas this summer from Arizona so I'm going to give it a try. Do you have any suggestions on what I might try? Thanks, Garin
  16. Garin

    C gloriosa emerged

    Don't worry, now that your heat problem is solved. You will have many beautiful beetles in the future.
  17. Garin

    Thoughts on new layout?

    The main issue for me is that for some odd reason the font is extremely light. I can barely read it on my screen. Maybe I'm just getting old, haha.
  18. Garin

    Mecynorrhina hatched out

    Congrats! Now I'm not sure what is more exciting, having your first exotic beetle emerge or being able to see it while you are in another state! Web cam?
  19. Did they turn black after you pinned them? I have no experience with D tityus but with D granti if you pin it through the elytra, they will often turn black because the oils from their fat deposits come out when you pin it. If that happens with D granti, you have to degrease them with acetone. There are many discussions on the insect forum about degreasing. If you did not pin it and turned more black after drying out, I don't know what that is. I have not seen that in D granti.
  20. Garin

    Phanaeus vindex

    Only in your mind?? haha, Thanks bugboy for making my day. I was reading that at work and literally laughed so hard someone asked what I was reading.
  21. Garin

    Phanaeus vindex

    If you have access to horse poop, that works really well. So if you live near horse stables, you are good to go.
  22. Garin

    Megasoma Sleeperi Larvae

    I did some quick measurements. Not easy to do without feeling like you are really bothering them. L3 looks like about 8mm. L2 about 5mm. I don't have any L1's left, so I'm guesing about 2-3 mm, very small. So if you measure the head capsule and its about 5 mm, it's most likely L2. Goliathus is very meticulous in his observations so maybe he has some measurements as well.
  23. Garin

    Pitfall traps

    Collecting has a lot do with timing and thus a little luck helps as well. Many species are only out in number for a few weeks and they they are gone. I am not a Lep guy but I have friends that catch leps by setting traps with bait, fermented fruit, etc. This helps a lot with those species that fly fast and you chase them like mad as they laugh at you. Maybe check out the insect forum, there are mainly lep guys there and they seem to know all the tricks for catching butterflies and moths. But remember that the location and time of year is critical for many species. Each year my friends and I go to a location in So Calif in the spring to collect a small scarab called Paracotalpa deserta. It flys for about one week in good numbers. One year we went and we saw hundreds. I went back one week later and I saw 2. Collecting can be difficult. So just be patient and try different places at different times and try to gather as much information as possible on location, date, and how to collect them. That is really the key. For example, let's say you want Dynastes granti. You must know where to go, how to collect them, and what is the date range. If you go a few weeks early or late, you likely get nothing. You go at the peak time and the exact location, you may see 50 at the store lights. The more you go out collecting, the more you will learn, where, when and how. You have to enjoy the journey and the learning process. Any true collector will tell you that they have been skunked many, many times.
  24. Garin

    Megasoma Sleeperi Larvae

    How many mm is the head capsule? I have some that are definitely L2, so later this weekend I'll measure the head capsule and let you know the size. I also have some that are L3 so I'll measure those as well. I don't have any L1's so not sure what that size is but obviously if we know L2 then we know anything smaller is L1, haha. Of course very difficult to tell from a picture because there is nothing for scale. Since they are at least 3 months old, I would think they have to be L2 by now. (you had them over 2 months and Peter had them around a month).
  25. Garin

    Dynastes tityus

    Thank you again for all the great information. I'm sure this is extremely helpful for the entire hobby. Great photo showing the contrasting colors. I think I know what you mean regarding the fungal threads. I have occasionally seen that develop in my containers and I will usually then resterilize the substrate to kill off the fungi because I thought it would not be good for the larvae. Copper Canyon is near Montezuma pass on Montezuma Canyon Rd. A great place for collecting all types of beetles. I'll keep a lookout for those species. Those are some amazing looking scarabs. Thanks again and please keep us updated with photos of your other larvae.