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  1. You can line the box with those free padded envelopes you get free from the post office. They have bubble padding in them. https://store.usps.com/store/product/shipping-supplies/priority-mail-padded-flat-rate-envelope-P_EP14PE
  2. If the temps are high, I would insulate the inside of the box and put in a cold pack just to be safe. You can just use bubble wrap to insulate the inside of the box, it doesn't have to be the fancy styrofoam type but of course thats even better. The cold packs are cheap like Goliathus mentioned earlier, can get them at the dollar stores. And definitely the moistened paper towels as mentioned above. With all that, it should be fine.
  3. Garin

    Cottonwood Longhorn (Plectrodera scalator)

    Wow, that is an awesome bycid! Finding something like that in your own front yard is even more amazing! It's rare that I get anything at my house that's interesting. Maybe one day I will live in a location that has lots of cool bugs.
  4. Garin

    Desert pinacate beetle smell...

    Yeah, to me its a musty smell, not horrible but pretty strong. I think once you dry it out in the fresh air, the smell will go away after a few days.
  5. Garin

    Rosenbergia xenium

    Wow, awesome looking beetle. The photography is fantastic! Captures every detail! I can only dream.
  6. Garin

    Collecting trip tips

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those are amazing photos!
  7. Garin

    Rosenbergia xenium

    Wow, those are awesome! The only one I have caught is mandibularis. I caught those as kid in Arizona and I was so excited. Its still my favorite long horn.
  8. A lot depends on the temperature of where you are sending it and the temperature of where you are sending it from. If it's very hot, like above 90, it's better to send it Express Mail so it gets there in 1 or 2 days max with a cold pack in an insulated box. I don't think any regular cold pack (maybe the one the cost $600, wow) will last more than 2 days. Peter sends all his live stuff when its hot via Express with a regular cold pack. You can chance it sending it via Priority but I have found sometimes its ok and sometimes its not. That is just my experience but it appears others have had no problems so I guess it just depends. Peter sends way more stuff than we will ever will so I assume he knows from experience. And just FYI, USPS Priority mail has been having delays lately. Read this link for more info: https://faq.usps.com/s/article/USPS-Coronavirus-Updates-Expected-Delivery-Changes?r=8&ui-force-components-controllers-recordGlobalValueProvider.RecordGvp.getRecord=1
  9. Garin

    Rosenbergia xenium

    Awesome! I wish we had those in the US.
  10. Garin

    Light Traps...? Help...

    JKim, Thank you for sharing that information. In regards to the 12" fluorescent tube in that fixture. Is the bulb a F8T5? Also, do you know how long you can run the light on the AA batteries? Seems like it wouldn't run too long on just AA batteries. Thank you, Garin
  11. Garin

    Light Trap Generator

    There is a group on facebook that just recently discussed light trapping. The group is: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SWInsects/ Its interesting because one of the guys mentioned using a little black light LED that runs on 3 AAA batteries. He said it was quite effective. Not quite as good as a Bioquip 15 watt black light but maybe 80%? I find that really amazing. This is something that you can put in your pocket! I'll have to give it a try and see how well it works. https://www.100candles.com/i-6446/6-Inch-Octagon-UV-Black-Light-Light-Base?fbclid=IwAR0z-6fCFjrLveJd3uc2E12bhpHo419jMgNgLloP73afPbwdTIc435rMlOQ
  12. Garin

    Light Trap Generator

    I have only collected in California and Arizona and each species is slightly different so I'm not sure about L elaphus and D tityus. However, if D tityus is similar to D grantii as far as attraction to lights, then metal halide would be much better than black light for D tityus. I have a friend that collects D tityus each year and he goes to gas stations, convenience stores, schools, etc. anywhere there are big HID lights. I do collect L mazama and they come to black lights pretty well. Bugboy collects a lot of L elaphus, so he would know the best method. To do a HID setup you have to do a little bit of handy work unless you buy it from Bioquip and its already put together but its really expensive from Bioquip. Its nothing difficult at all but a little bit of wire splicing, mounting the mogul socket to the tripod, etc. There are instructions online if you google it. There are many people on this forum who have done it so we can try to explain it. I'm not that good at giving instructions for things via text. It would be easy to show you.
  13. Garin

    Light Trap Generator

    These are the batteries that I buy: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00KAEZ6H8/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 The easiest and very high quality is good ole Bioquip black lights. Used by thousands of collectors for many years. https://www.bioquip.com/secure/shopping_cart.asp?action=1&qty=1&catalog_number=2805 Just put the clips on the gel cell and you are ready to go. A pretty cool setup that I learned from a retired biologist who has collected many rare specimens of beetles is this: You buy an older fluorescent Coleman lantern and replace the bulbs with black light bulbs. Now you have a 12 watt portable black light setup all ready to go. They no longer make these Coleman lanterns but you can buy them used off Ebay for about $25. Then you can buy 6 watt black light bulbs from various bulb places online (the lantern uses 2). These lanterns run off of 2 6v lantern batteries. There are places you can buy rechargeable 6V lantern batteries or you can buy cheap 6V non rechargeable batteries from Walmart. I think 2 for $5. Or, what I have done, there is a port on the side that you can connect to a 12 V gel cell like the one above. He has been collecting for over 30 years and his collection is pretty amazing and he has pretty much only used these lanterns when he goes collecting. He has about 15 of them, so he sets up 15 in various spots. When he collect Dynastes grantii in AZ, he goes to the gas station lights that have HID lights and doesn't use the black lights, I'll explain later. I use a 400 watt metal halide setup plus about 10 portable black lights. The only beetle species that I know of that doesn't seem to be that attracted to the portable black light vs the Metal Halide or Mercury Vapor light is Dynastes granti. I will get about 2 D grantii at a black light but sometimes 50 D grantii at the 400 watt HID on the same night at the same location. Its sort of strange. But I can't think of anything else but I only really collect in AZ and CA so in your area there could be other species that more attracted to HID vs black light. I'm not a moth guy but it appears like a lot more moths comes to the HID lights. However, you will also find that some species are more attracted to regular white fluorescent bulbs vs black light bulbs. He will often use both in a Coleman lantern, 1 black light and 1 regular white light. I know these moth guys that have these amazing setups, 1000 watt HID bulb on a 10 ft pole, 400 watt HID at about 5 ft. a few blacklight tubes hanging from the sheet, a few white fluorescent light tubes hanging from the sheet and a few of the darker black light bulbs. Then they spend 2 hours setting up portable black lights all over the area and sometimes at various elevations up and down the road. Too much work for me, haha. Coleman lantern on Ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-COLEMAN-LANTERN-MODEL-5355-P-N-5355H700/401246377827?epid=1322373059&hash=item5d6c25d763:g:09EAAOSwImRYWZZ6 The black light bulbs: https://www.soslightbulbs.com/product/commercial-fluorescent/ushio-f6t5bl-6w-9-fluorescent-black-light/