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  1. Oak

    Anyone else feel this way?

    I also agree with you. I guess some are born to appreciate, and some aren't. Just the way how life goes.
  2. Oak


    Doesn't apply to every city/state.
  3. Oak

    A Stag or Tiger Beetle?

    It's a longhorn beetle. Not sure the sp tho
  4. Which National Park did you go to? I also live in OC but everything is pretty much dried up here. The only luck that I got for colleting rotten oak leaves and wood was going to San Bernardino Mountains
  5. Oak

    algodones dunes trip

    did u kill the sleeperi?
  6. Oak

    hi guys :D

  7. Oak

    Breeding beetles in USA

    I doubt you go to prison. I have seen people getting caught(which is pretty dam rare) and they only had to pay fines.
  8. I believe it's illegal to collect insects in South America. It's also illegal to take insects to the U.S from any other country. My friend succeeded in bringing some beetles to the U.S from Korea long time ago. However, i doubt you can do those kinds of things now.
  9. Oak

    Breeding beetles in USA

    Apparently stag beetles are legal in CA
  10. Oak

    Finds Payson Az

    Hey, not too bad! I would wait about 1 more week before looking for granti. Also, it's best to collect the day after a rain.
  11. Oak

    Greetings from Phoenix, Az

  12. wow! looks like you are set for breeding
  13. u can ship beetle pupa, but the chances of them dying is very high..