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  1. Thank you for the reply. As part of the work I do with reptiles I am involved in certain field research projects and have built up a list of contacts of people working across the globe, who may be able to obtain some species for me (legally, of course). However, as these people are herpetologists, their knowledge of insects is often limited, hence I was hoping to identify some of the species that meet my requirements beforehand. Kindest regards, Alex
  2. Apart from dung beetles (which I have asked about in a separate thread), are there any species of beetles which are wholly or partially coprophagous, and/or detritivorous, which members here think might be suitable for inclusion in naturalistic reptile enclosures to assist in the biological breakdown of reptile wastes? Kindest regards, Alex
  3. I have read that a handful of species of Springtails have made a home for themselves in the desert regions of the world, but I haven't been able to find anything specific; can anyone help to enlighten me on the subject? Photo's, species names, natural history information, anything along these lines will be much appreciated. Kindest regards, Alex
  4. Hi, As I mentioned in my introductory post, I'm a reptile keeper who is looking for various species of insects to add to my enclosures to serve as in-tank maintenance crews; to that end, I wonder if anyone is aware of species of dung beetles that specialise on lizard excreta. I have done some reading around the subject of dung beetles, and have seen it suggested that there is a species of dung beetle for pretty much any animal you can think of; but I have also read that by preference, dung beetles opt for the waste of herbivorous and omnivorous animals. So is anyone aware of any species of dung beetle that would meet my criteria? Kindest regards, Alex
  5. Hello everybody, My name is Alex and I'm from England. I'm a reptile keeper working primarily with dwarf monitors, indicus-complex monitors, various geckos and rattlesnakes. Whilst I realise this may not be of obvious interest to beetle-breeders, I keep all of my animals on bio-active substrates in planted enclosures. At present, I have Isopods and Springtails in all of my set-ups to help with the breakdown of waste products in the tank, but would like to find out about additional species of insects I can add in the future that will help to further boost the biological activity of the environment. I just want to stress, that any insects I add will not be intended to be feeders for my lizards, but part of an in-tank clean-up crew. Kindest regards, Alex