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  1. Ryan Minard

    can dogs be trained to find beetles?

    My cousin had this idea before. It COULD work.
  2. Ryan Minard

    Bess beetle bullying others?

    If you could find me some or find someone who has some, please let me know.
  3. Ryan Minard

    Amazing finds today in Central FL!!!

    I envy you man. I love central FL. Maybe next time I am down there we can meet up in Polk County. I know a lot of good places there.
  4. Ryan Minard

    good bye :(

    Too bad I am returning just as you are leaving.
  5. Ryan Minard

    River monsters anyone?

    Yes... pretty big... Like I hear up to 10ft but Idk I hear 5-6 is norm. I could be wrong because this is not my area though.
  6. Ryan Minard

    Phileurus truncatus vs Phileurus valgus

    Can I see a good picture of the "strategus"?
  7. Ryan Minard

    Phileurus truncatus vs Phileurus valgus

  8. Ryan Minard

    Phileurus truncatus

    Phileurus valgus actually.
  9. Ryan Minard

    New guy from Orlando

  10. Ryan Minard

    New guy from Orlando

    Awesome! WELCOME MAN!
  11. Ryan Minard

    Hello From Ohio

  12. Ryan Minard

    Strategus aloeus pupa

    This explains my problem. Hahahaha! I've had mine for QUITE some time and it JUST reached L3.
  13. Ryan Minard

    Large oak paradise

    I'd love to... we could easily find some Platycerus in this area you know .
  14. Ryan Minard


    Hey man! What kind of beetles you rearing?
  15. Ryan Minard

    Large oak paradise

    Oh yes... I found a Tenodera sinensis and some wasps up in Statesville while on a roadtrip once .