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  1. So one of the links is like this: http:// arachnoboards .com/gallery/img_3939.33276/full That means it's linking to the website and not the photo? I could type out all the links (since I can't copy/paste at the moment), but I'd rather have the actual photos show up on here.
  2. Acro

    Eleodes hispilabris.

    Very nice! Do you have these breeding? I feel like I kept this species (or one similar) years ago.
  3. trescubes, The address ends in "full". Do I just change it to jpg or something? Either way, I can't press "ok" or "cancel". They don't do anything. PETER! No need to be sorry! It's a vacation and family, enjoy it all! I went to the Orlando version of Harry Potter with my girlfriend and some friends, not too long ago. It was amazing! So you think it's the site, not my computer? That's cool, I look forward to posting up some photos of the Mallodon dasystomus that have come full circle . . . after 2 years! Thanks!
  4. 9-Volt, Maybe I do have to update stuff. I'll look into that. I do have my images on an online gallery. However, I'd prefer to put my photos into the post so I can give descriptions and such. Hisserdude, I feel that it's the website, since other online forums seem to work for me. Or I just need to update something, like mentioned above. I just sent Peter a message on bugsincyberspace yesterday, but any help is appreciated!
  5. Thanks HIsserdude, Two have come to the surface! Pretty sure I've got a female and a male (female surfaced first). I have photos to post, but I'm having problems with the website. Please see my thread in the "Other Discussion" section.
  6. Thanks for the replies. 9-Volt, I can copy/paste into the image or link box, but cannot copy/paste into the body of the message (the area where one types a message). I did try the exact tips you mentioned, but none worked. trescubes, I was pasting from a website, but I'm not sure what you mean. Also, I discovered, when trying to multiquote both of you, that I cannot multiquote either. I press the button, then try to reply and the quotes are not displayed in the "reply to this topic" box, nor can I type after I doing so. I'm going to try and contact Peter again, hope his box is not full. *EDIT* His box is still full.
  7. Acro

    Moving from Japan

    Oh wow! Lucky you, for being able to live in Japan for a bit! I visited for just a week, back in 2011 and it was amazing! Hope you get to bring back a few things to make the transition easier! Any photos of the species you are currently keeping?
  8. Acro

    Cotinis Mutabilis

    Nice work! Looks like a healthy lil fatty!
  9. Acro

    algodones dunes trip

    What species are the longhorns? By that 2nd photo, the dunes look beautiful!
  10. I've heard that waterscorpions, centipedes and some tarantulas will eat them. However, many animals will reject Dermestid Beetles. Have you ever used them to feed other pets (inverts, fish, herps, birds or mammals)?
  11. The substrate has been setup for about a month or 2. I began to worry that it was too humid and removed the glass lid for a day. Then it began to mold. The lid has been replaced and this snow-like mold continues to grow. It is mostly on the surface but there is some visible growth under the surface. Mold has been visible for about 2 weeks. The stag larvae seem fine, as can been seen in the photos. Should I do anything to prevent the mold from growing or is this just a yummy snack for the larvae?
  12. Normally eggs, larvae, or beetles are shipped, not pupa.
  13. Acro

    Moldy Substrate

    Thanks for the thoughts Max, very cool. And how would I know when it is developed enough to encourage mushroom growth? It would be interesting to see what type of fungi I am dealing with!
  14. Acro

    Moldy Substrate

    Shade of Eclipse, Alright, I'll leave it for the moment. I'm going to keep the lid on, in hopes the fungi will burn itself out. Thanks for the warning, I'll be sure to clean the tank outside, but I'm sure I'll be alright as I've dealt with fungi before. Ratmosphere, Wow, you go all out when dealing with mold! But yeah, some good thoughts on how to prevent contamination. Thanks you two!
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    It says it right under his name, where the word "location" is. lol
  16. Acro

    Moldy Substrate

    One more photo:
  17. Acro

    New Plants

    I agree fully! There is so much natural beauty! Thanks for sharing the photos!
  18. What stag larvae will produce major males when raised in decayed logs? In other words, with out the use of flake soil, kinshi, fermented sawdust, etc.
  19. I got confused with what females need to trigger egg laying, thought it was what the larvae needed to live in. I made it more complicated than it needed to be. It's really quite easy. lol Thanks all.
  20. stagtacus, If you're going to take the time to type, try using your energy in more beneficial ways. Maybe suggest a species or two that you've had luck with.
  21. Can you suggest a few species (from your experience or other source) that do epically well 'in-log'?
  22. Acro


    I used to do educational bug shows for schools, birthday parties and other special events. It was fun and made good money. I used beetles sometimes, but it was mostly a large mix of inverts. Having a beetle only show, might be a little too specific however. As for importing, you wouldn't need to import any insects, as we have some amazing species right in the USA. If you know where to look (or have the right hookups), you could have a whole show with just native species. As for import license, there is info on this forum about that, just search it. They are not easy to get and only for specific facilities.
  23. I feel like I saw this topic before, but I can't seem to find it. So . . . what do you do with substrate after your larvae have turned it all to frass?
  24. I have an interest in raising and breeding long horn beetles. As of yet, I have not acquired any animals, as I am in research phase. The best candidate is the Cactus beetle (Moneilema gigas) as it has been bred in captivity many times. However, just today I stumbled upon a website ( http://arizonabeetlesbugsbirdsandmore.blogspot.com/2012/06/longhorn-season.html ) that claims "larva of the Palo Verde Rootborer at the Arizona Desert Museum that accepted apple slices as surrogate food pupated and metamorphed into a big beetle just fine". This is encouraging information and I wanted to see the forum's thoughts on keeping, raising and breeding Derobrachus geminatus.
  25. Acro

    What Stag Species?