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  1. Glad to be your friend :D If you ever want anything don't hesitate to ask :)

  2. Thanks for adding me as a friend. Take care and let me know if there is anything I can help you with.

  3. Hello MY L Elaphus Dugged down in into the substrate below the decayed wood and has started digging what looks to be a Papual cell. These are the first L Elaphus I haved tried to rear. Any idea what might be going on? Thanks much, Gene Shatrowsky I do have a pic of it but not sure how to post it.
  4. gashat

    Centruroides hentzi

    Hello Any for Sale? Gene
  5. gashat

    Strategus aloeus males

    Very Nice!
  6. Hello Raising two L-2 larvae and read in the For Love of Rhino and Stag Beetles that they have to be exposed to cool temps to simulate winter. Any one have any tips as to temp etc. These are the first beetles that I have tried to raise. Thanks all.
  7. gashat

    Lucanus elaphus

    Very nice. I have two L-2 larvae. Hope they come out as nice as these. It is cool weather up here now( central N Y )and I have them in an unheated cabinet at about 45 degrees . Is this ok? Thanks . Gene Shatrowsky
  8. gashat

    Lucanus mazama

    Nice pics
  9. Hello Thanks for adding me as a friend. If I can help you in any way,give me a shout. Gene Shatrowsky

  10. Hello Will be taking a trip to Sunbury Pa. area, and was wondering if this species might be found there. Thanks
  11. Thanks for the info Paul Gene Shatrowsky gashat

  12. Looking for best way to have a pair of beetles shipped . I am mostly concerned about packaging them for shipment. They will be sent overnight.Thanks Gashat