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  1. One guy got a $5K+ fine and three years' probation. For 25 beetles. https://www.courthousenews.com/full-probation-for-giant-beetle-guy/
  2. nurunuru

    Import vs. Domestic

    True that. I got into keeping beetles when I lived in Japan; it was fantastic having such a variety of species being so readily available. It really is a shame that exceptions aren't made here for certain beetles that don't pose a threat to crops, such as the Dorcus and Dynastes genera. I'd love to have a pet Dorcus alcides or Dynastes hercules again someday. I shan't be holding my breath on that front, though.
  3. nurunuru


    Antelope/gazelle. http://www.latin-dictionary.net/definition/18429/dorcus-dorci
  4. nurunuru

    Dorcus titanus titanus

    Nice! I really like the genus Dorcus. This guy was my pet till a few months ago when I left Japan. He's a Dorcus alcides, and he's got a decent pinch on him too! Managed to draw blood on one occasion. I couldn't hold it against the little fella though. He had a really fun personality. Would be really angsty, and then once he'd got it out of his system he'd be perfectly happy to be picked up and go for a little stroll. Hope he hasn't taken any fingers off the elementary kid I left him to...
  5. nurunuru

    My New Beetle Tattoo

  6. Alas I saw this too late to help out with info about that beetle fair on 4th Dec. I see from the website that it was in Aichi, which is quite a way from Tokyo, so I'm guessing you might have given it a miss. Just one more reason to go back I guess! Also, do try the puffer fish! (Just don't eat the liver.) And if it's not too late, my biggest sushi recommendation would have to be 'otoro' (fatty tuna). It's expensive, but completely worth it if you get it in a good sushi restaurant. 'Engawa' (the outside edge of a ray's wing) is really good too, and not so pricy.
  7. During summer you can find beetles and beetle supplies in most garden centres (Komeri, Musashi etc.) around Japan. Unfortunately it's only a mainstream thing in summer though, and you'll probably have to go to a specialist shop to find anything beetle-related (outside of toys/kids' clothes/card games) in December. Either that or one of the big 'Black Out' beetle fairs; but there aren't any of those happening in Tokyo in late December. You can check out the schedule here though, if you're interested. This website has a list of a load of insect shops in Tokyo (just those in the section marked 東京都). It's all in Japanese, but a load of the shops have websites, which you can get to by clicking on the little blue house link. If you click on the red text '地図' to the right of each shop's address, it'll take you to a map showing the shop's location. Hope you have a great trip!
  8. nurunuru

    Lucanus elpahus pupa

    Great pics.
  9. nurunuru

    Lucanus elaphus female pupa

  10. nurunuru

    Favorite beetle

    Think it'll have to be top 3. Dynastes hercules hercules Rosalia batesi Cyclommatus metallifer (or another related species which I saw in Papua New Guinea)
  11. nurunuru

    Life cycle of Lucanus elaphus

    Thanks very much. Two years plus for the imago stage did seem too much to hope for; even if it is possible with some other Lucanidae.
  12. I'm hoping someone here with experience of keeping Lucanus elaphus can shed some light on how long they tend to live in the imago stage, as the information I've found online has been very conflicting. Supposedly L1 to L3 takes anywhere from 1 year to several years, pupal stage lasts 7 to 9 months, and then the imago stage either lasts 1 month or 2+ years depending on who you trust. Does anyone have some more reliable information they could share?
  13. nurunuru

    Video Of Catching Beetles In Japan!

    Miyamakuwagata is Lucanus maculifemoratus. Managed to dig up a picture of one I kept last year. I believe the most expensive domestic breed is Dorcus hopei (ookuwagata, or 'big stag beetle'), which has become very rare in the wild thanks to habitat change and whatnot. Interesting variations of more common species can also fetch a higher price, as mentioned in the video. Size can be a big factor as well. Some of the foreign bugs can be quite pricy. The most I ever paid was 18,000 yen ($220) for a pair of Dynastes hercules hercules. Well worth it though! I'll be moving to the US later this year, and it saddens me a little that unless the laws change, I'll never again be able to own any really large beetles. Still, looking forward to trying to get my hands on some L. elaphus/D. granti. Incidentally, the most expensive beetle ever sold in Japan apparently went for $89,000, but I haven't been able to find out what species it was.
  14. nurunuru

    Cicindela japonica

    Found this Japanese tiger beetle while out hiking on Miyajima. He was really flighty and flew off whenever he saw me getting too near, but I was able to sneak up close enough to take this pic.
  15. nurunuru

    Video Of Catching Beetles In Japan!

    Cool video. I was lucky enough to find a couple of male miyamakuwagata last summer. Feisty little fellas. Didn't realise they went for 3,000 yen!