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  1. Finally got it, and love it. Orin's compendium to breeding beetles. I am just sorry I waited so long.
  2. Philibugman

    Gluing broken beetles

    You mean Gorilla's "Super Glue" yes, better than any other crazy glue. This is not the foamy Gorilla wood glue. I also like to use Weldbond's paper construction glue. It looks like Elmer;s glue, but when it dries it becomes clear. It also dries faster, and it has some flexibility after drying....good for skeletons. Modeling "Roma plastilina" is a great way to make those difficult angle supports when gluing bugs and many intricate objects.
  3. Philibugman

    Larvae ID please

    Here, different view.
  4. Philibugman

    Larvae ID please

    Here, thawed grub
  5. Philibugman

    Larvae ID please

    Here, thawed grub
  6. Philibugman

    Larvae ID please

    Here, frozen grub
  7. Philibugman

    Larvae ID please

    Thank you all for your input, but after checking out photos of the probable ID's Lucanus I believe got it right. During the seventeen years living in Broward County, Florida, the only beetle that I have seen mentioned above is P punctata. I have even seen P punctata in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, they get around those vine beetles. Was hoping for something more extravagant like "Strategus antaeus", and I was even daydreaming for D tytus. I will take better pics on Monday as requested above. Have a great Sunday Coleopteraphiles
  8. Philibugman

    Larvae ID please

    After removing the soil from a seven gallon potted Tibouchina I found 121 grubs, buy no idea what genus they are. Anybody familiar with this kind, or need to wait until it becomes an adult.
  9. Philibugman

    Hemiphileurus illatus

    Hi Lucanus, Nice illustrated chronological log. Thank you
  10. Philibugman

    Hello, I am from mexico

    Bienvenido CChanoK
  11. Philibugman

    regal jumping spider

    Larva Hunter, you are very luck. Regal jumpers are fun to observe, and specially if you can see them grow. There are so many morphs within one single brood. During the first two months fruit flies, and pin head crickets will do. Just watch out the crickets are not bigger than the spiderlings, or they will devour your babies. I would also separate them as soon as possible, otherwise cannibalism is inevitable. I would like some if you are interested in selling them or to trade for something native to southern Florida. Please send me a PM if interested.
  12. Philibugman


    I send you a PM, caught 16 in 20 min.
  13. Philibugman

    Dream home

    Only species found in New Jersey? After selecting the best representatives and exhibitors it should narrow down to a couple dozen species. If thinking of showing species found past your state lines,then I highly recommend to check your state laws first before spending on cent. If this project is just for your own viewing and for your close trusted friends, then no one has to know.
  14. Philibugman

    Wind scorpion care?

    Could you tell us how many species and their longevity? Some info about solifugae http://www.solpugid.com/Rhagodidae. The Biology of Camel-Spiders (Arachnida, Solifugae) by Fred Punzo in 1998.
  15. Philibugman

    beetle jellies for millipedes

    What kind of millipedes?