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  1. cuervo

    Greetings from New Mexico

    Welcome to the forum .
  2. cuervo


    Welcome to the forum. Mantidforum and Arachnoboards to
  3. cuervo

    Greetings from Texas

    Welcome to the forum
  4. Wow that was great> Thank you for taking the time to make this video , its going to help so much
  5. cuervo

    Neobarrettia spinosa

    I have been looking everywhere and i can t find any info on how to Get the eggs to hatch? . Does any one have experience with the Giant Predatory Katydid Neobarrettia spinosa. ?
  6. cuervo

    New Find

    Congratz ! I take it they are hard to find . I know the feeling when you find some thing special it it's great
  7. cuervo

    Hi everyone!

    Benvenuti sul nostro forum
  8. cuervo

    Nice To Meet You All!

    Well come to you and Metalito . This is a great please with great people
  9. cuervo

    white claw fiddlers

    Thank you Sara that help's a lot
  10. cuervo

    white claw fiddlers

    Sara how do you keep them alive for so long?
  11. cuervo

    Hello to everyone!!!

    Welcome to forum
  12. cuervo

    Went Looking

    Great question i like to know two
  13. cuervo

    C. polyphemus

    Do you breed any? not necessarily this species thank you.
  14. cuervo

    Dynastes grantii

    Very nice
  15. cuervo

    Lucanus capreolus

    Wow you have alot of beetles.when i grow up i want to be like you