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  1. Lucanus

    Beetle Problem

    FYI I have them up for sale
  2. Lucanus

    Beetle Problem

    I'm having a beetle infestation....
  3. Lucanus

    Larvae found in oak ID

    Cetoniinae. Impossible to ID them to species beyond that. Just rear them up in the wood you found them at.
  4. Lucanus

    Emerald Euphoria (Euphoria fulgida) F2

    I'm super jealous! Hoping to find some of these this year.
  5. Lucanus

    Blue-legged Jewel Scarab (Chrysina woodi) F3

    Good to see that these are doing well for you. I've also had 3 emerge over the past few weeks. Hoping they'll breed for me again this year.
  6. Lucanus

    10 Lined June Beetle Rearing

    Someone told me that they've been bred and reared in captivity by using clover sprouts and bird seeds. Took them 4~5 years to rear the larvae to adulthood.
  7. Lucanus

    Can Alphitobius diaperinus fly?

    They can fly https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/d8f5/c61aebaed9b4519ffae216c7b0561a442cfe.pdf
  8. Lucanus

    Impatient expecting beetle daddy here

    I'm afraid that pupa is a goner. Its legs and wings are in wrong position, and the body has already started to discolor. I'm sorry for your loss.
  9. Lucanus

    Vinegaroon from Reptile Expo

    Yours is an adult male. The picture you are using as a reference is of asian species, which has different sternite shape than our native species. Here're some pics for reference. Male Female
  10. Lucanus

    A Stag or Tiger Beetle?

    You are correct. It's a male Mallodon dasystomus
  11. Lucanus

    beetles in asia

    This should belong to "Beetles for sale/wanted" section
  12. Lucanus


    This isn't about a beetle. It should belong to either "other discussion" or "other invertebrates" section.
  13. Lucanus

    Water Scavenger Beetle

    Pretty sure that's Cybister sp.
  14. Lucanus

    algodones dunes trip

    OMG SLEEPERI! Congratulations on your finding! A saw an image posted by a FB friend who had M. sleeperi on branches of palo verde tree so I assume they prefer feeding on branches rather than on trunks (probably because branches have softer bark compare to trunks). Hope you can find a bunch and sell a live pair to hobbyist! Would really love to see these become available in the hobby On a side note, S. cessus does not occur in Algodones dunes if I remember correctly.
  15. Lucanus

    Lucanus placidus

    They are pretty common up in the north, but not many people seem to be willing to collect them in their range