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  1. Ometeo

    Dynastes neptunus 3D puzzle model

    Ia smimlar D. hercules hercules model made by a comany called 4D Master (Vision?). IT measures 11" from horn to elytra, and has viewing windows to see internal organs. The neptunus is awesome though.
  2. Ometeo

    Anyone keep Phanaeus vindex? I need tips.

  3. Ometeo

    Ometeo's picture thread

    "I'm dead, leave me alone"
  4. Ometeo

    Beetles online

    Blogs: http://aninordinatefondness.wordpress.com/2010/02/18/an-inordinate-fondness-1-inaugural-issue/ http://beetlesinthebush.wordpress.com/category/arthropoda/insecta/coleoptera/lucanidae/
  5. Ometeo

    Beetles online

    Products: Amazing ceramic work http://www.laurazindel.com/collections/beetles.html Aluminum model: http://www.elenco.com/product/productdetails/mechanical_kits=Njc=/rhino_beetle__aluminum_kit=Mjkz
  6. Ometeo

    Beetles online

    Books: The ultimate guide http://www.amazon.com/The-Ultimate-Guide-Breeding-Beetles/dp/1616461322/ref=tmm_hrd_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=1345713126&sr=8-3
  7. Ometeo

    Beetles online

    Videos: On trapping tiger beetle larvae:
  8. Ometeo


    Glad to have you here Austin, welcome to the forum, and to the wonderful world of beetle rearing.
  9. Ometeo

    Beetles online

    SCARABS Newsletter: http://museum.unl.edu/research/entomology/Newsletter/Scarabs26.pdf
  10. Ometeo

    Beetles online

    PDF Files NOTE! Tese may be in various languages, utilize a translator if necessary, the wealth of knowledge in some articles is incredible, and it is well worth the effort to translate. Also, please put a small title describing what the paper is about. Chrysina costata reproduction http://redalyc.uaemex.mx/redalyc/pdf/575/57515502013.pdf Description of some Chrysina species, and description of some Chrysina females. http://centerforsystematicentomology.org/insectamundi/0143Monzon.pdf On Chrysina in general http://www.entsoc.org/PDF/Pubs/Periodicals/AE/AE-2007/Winter/Thomas.pdf
  11. Ometeo

    Beetles online

    Photography. Various species: http://www.living-jewels.com/photo.htm African species: http://beetlesofafrica.com/index-old.asp Cerambycids: http://www.cerambycoidea.com/ Plusiotis/Chrysina http://www.insectcompany.com/gallery/plusiotis.shtml http://www.rutelide-dundee.com/images.htm Malaysian species: http://orionmystery.blogspot.com/2010/06/some-amazing-malaysian-beetles.html German species: http://www.kerbtier.de/cgi-bin/enFSearch.cgi?Fam=Scarabaeidae
  12. I will continuously add to this "database" of beetle related links, please feel free to add your own. On Dung Beetles: http://www.dungbeetles.org.au/index.php?option=com_content&view=section&layout=blog&id=3&Itemid=25 http://smallmeadowfarm.blogspot.com/2008/04/dung-beetles.html http://www.dungbeetle.com.au/ipm.pdf http://www.todayshorse.com/Articles/BeneficialInsectsForHorses.htm
  13. Ometeo

    Eleodes pupa!

    good job!
  14. Ometeo

    Corucia zebrata zebrata

    She tries to never sell a single animal, as it is important the group accepts each individual, I'll give her a ring and ask.
  15. Ometeo

    Corucia zebrata zebrata

    This is my young male. I have a breeding size female, but it will be at least a year or two for me to attempt any breeding. These were acquired through a great friend whom breeds them quite honestly, constantly. I am saving up to buy a couple more and make a larger group. someday.