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  1. Mashku

    Chlorocala africana oertzeni

    Male Cetonidae have this here : http://www.biotropics.com/html/p__marginata_02.html
  2. Mashku

    Lucanus Elaphus Emergence

    Update ?
  3. Mashku

    Question for pinning beetles

    Don´t use Alcohol ! Better use only hot watter steam or 5% Acetic acid. Pin it, near to the Pronotum and the Elytra left and right. please have a look: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mashku/10675370935/in/album-72157639090229515/
  4. Not all Videos are in English...
  5. Mashku

    Best Girlfriend Ever

    Hi, lucky Man ! Do not use this needles to piercing the Beetles, it may destroy it afer a time. Use special insectneedles for it... like this:
  6. Mashku

    Clip wings?

    You are serious asking ?
  7. Mashku

    2 new pets **What are they?**

    Yes its a Chalcosoma caucasus, you can ID it on the smal denticle on the cephalic horn. C. atlas has none and C. moellenkampi has more smaller more closely thorax horns. WIKI says: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chalcosoma_moellenkampi
  8. Mashku

    Any longhorn fan out there?

    Yes of course, Cerambycidae are beautys too. Long time ago i get some Petrognatha gigas. Found this little guy at thailand : Gerania bosci bosci next time i post some dry pics. greetings, Mashku.
  9. Mashku

    Asbolus verrucosus

    Nice one, the structure of this beetle is it velvet ? Greetings, Mashku.
  10. Mashku


    For what ? Its senselessly, better breed a good tribe for many generations. Thats are importantly, many Beetles are not for ever got get as Wild caught. Think about this. Greetings, Mashku.
  11. Xylotrupes gideon are strong to, a single male injured me some other stags. And no, i dont let them to fight for my plessure...
  12. Mashku

    Artwork of beetles

    Hi Alex, no it was just for fun and i tested my first steps with PS. Yes, i errased the pins and change the structure of the beetles. the original pics are here:
  13. Mashku

    Rhaetus westwoodi westwoodi

    Breeding @ low temperature 18 - 20 °C (64-68°F).
  14. Hi, i want show my Malaysian Leaf-Katydid, Ancylecha Fenestrata. Ancylecha fenestrata von Mashku auf Flickr Female. Ancylecha fenestrata von Mashku auf Flickr 2 days old nymph. Ancylecha fenestrata von Mashku auf Flickr an ecdysis. Ancylecha fenestrata von Mashku auf Flickr 2 months old. 1 cm. Ancylecha fenestrata von Mashku auf Flickr joung Male. Ancylecha fenestrata von Mashku auf Flickr Ancylecha fenestrata von Mashku auf Flickr Ancylecha fenestrata von Mashku auf Flickr the complete stream is here : http://www.flickr.com/photos/mashku/sets/72157631190516342/with/8438159067/ Bless, Mashku.
  15. I got my copy @ Amazon.com ! Yes of cours it is good, no it is supreme ! Greetings, Mashku.