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  1. I'm with you on that one. From what I've heard Megasoma sp. are incredibly strong but are more docile than other beetles, so in terms of strength I'd go with Megasoma actaeon, but in terms of fighting ability it would have to be Dynastes hercules ssp.
  2. Regiarbol

    L1, L2, L3...huh?

    They are also occasionally referred to as instars.
  3. Regiarbol

    hi again

    Hey there! You haven't been on the forums for a while. What happened to your old account?
  4. Regiarbol

    Insect pin size guide

    #000 Used for very small insects, generally can be replaced by paper points. #00 Used for the smallest insects that won't be destroyed by a point. 4~9 mm #0 Same as #00 #3 The standard pin size. Used for most medium sized insects. 10~100 mm (Different kinds of insects have different anatomies, so use by your own discretion.) #4 Same as #3. #7 Used for the largest insects, i.e. Megasoma #s 1, 2, 5, and 6 generally aren't as important as the ones listed above. A collection will not be lacking if don't use these.
  5. Regiarbol

    Show off your dried collections!

    It's actually Megasoma noguerai. Identified by MorĂ³n I think.
  6. Regiarbol

    Show off your dried collections!

    Ooh, fun. Not all of them of course, but I'm too lazy to take more pictures at the moment.
  7. Regiarbol

    Legal to own "pest"?

    I think the reason why they are said to feed on roots is because many other types of "curl grubs" eat the roots of different plants, which causes yellow patches of grass. The USDA folks just group them all in the same category.
  8. Regiarbol

    My Blue Death Feigning Beetle Tank

    Wow, that's an awesome habitat.
  9. Regiarbol

    can i own a extinct species

    Multiple factors prevent this from happening. For one, it is nearly impossible to look at something alive and crawling with a microscope. Sometimes minute differences mark things as new species. Also, it will also be hard to get focused shots on it. Underside shots are guaranteed necessary, which is hard to do when the creature is alive. It also takes many months (sometimes years) to completely confirm something as a new species, because researchers need to check with tons of databases and descriptions. Also, scientists might have to dissect the specimen to study its genitalia (if it's male).
  10. Regiarbol

    Herping At State Parks And Their Silly Rules

    This is most likely because it's a State Park, but the rules are probably barely enforced. I don't think many people would go around finding turtles, so the rangers would have no reason to go around checking everyone. Also, hunting is allowed for a reason; it controls wildlife populations.
  11. Regiarbol

    can i own a extinct species

    People in these fields are all about killing and putting things in collections. They need to kill it to study so they can publish papers on it confirming it as a new species.
  12. Regiarbol

    can i own a extinct species

    Most likely illegal in some shape or form, since species that are thought to be extinct are often heavily protected if found. If not, the government will find some loophole and get you busted anyways.
  13. Regiarbol


    Maybe the reason why they die so fast is because you only keep the injured ones.
  14. Regiarbol

    Dead beetle....

    Where did you find it? It could be a Pleocomid.
  15. Regiarbol

    Shield bug in Okinawa

    Isn't he talking about Okinawa and USA in general? Where did Hawaii come from? To the OP, it's kind of impossible to tell without pictures.