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  1. I like your tree frogs. What do you feed them?

  2. Weebeastie

    Hey peoples!

    Hello Dermestid! Welcome to the forums
  3. Weebeastie

    Freshly hatched.

    I've not had a chance to post for a while, (expanding the Royal Python empire in our house), but we are still going strong with the beetles. Thought I'd post some photos of some recently hatched beetles. We raised these from eggs collected from the parents many, many months ago! Seems to have been a larvae explosion in our house at the moment, a search through the substrate of our E.smithi Bertherandi tank last night produced 80 larvae!! Going to have a look through the Phalacronathus muelleri tonight and fingers crossed we find some goodies The photos are of polyphemus and also our ugandensis dark variation (this one looks almost black but it's actually dark blue)! Kerry
  4. Weebeastie

    My clan....so far!

    Just thought I would share this photo...I love it! One of our new ugandensis, these guys are deep blue and green in colour...very pretty
  5. Weebeastie

    Hi from texas!

    Hello Stagparty I too am fascinated by beetles and only started to keep and breed them around 6 months ago. It's very addictive though and what started out as a pair of Flower (meccynorhina ugandensis) and Rhino (xylotrupes gideon) beetles has quickly expanded and taken over 2 rooms in our house! The colouration on beetles is beautiful, I only wish I was able to paint!! Good luck with the beetles! Kerry
  6. Weebeastie

    My clan....so far!

    I'm planning to do a full inventory sometime this week, we have kept back about 10 larvae from the two sets of adult pairs we have at the moment but in total there will be in excess of 100 larvae from about 20 different species. We have 8 adult pairs and approx 50 larvae on order. When the new beetles arrive I'll post some pics of them, I'm at work right now so don't have the latin names of them all to hand Our house is being taken over by tanks (we now have 10 4ft tanks just for beetles) and our bearded dragon is about to lay eggs.......Yikes!
  7. Weebeastie

    My clan....so far!

    One of the Flower beetles: One of the Rhino beetles: Some of the larvae:
  8. Weebeastie

    Some of my other critters.

    My Peacock Tree Frogs about to move in to their new home. My Bearded Dragons (Angus and Maggie) - although I very quickly learned not to line the viv with sand!! One of the 3 marine fish tanks.
  9. Weebeastie

    Greetings from the UK!

    Hello, My name is Kerry, I'm 32 and originally from Scotland but now live in Wales (UK)...and yes...I'm a girl that likes bugs By day I am an aerospace laboratory supervisor but by night I run round after my ever-expanding inventory of strange critters. I am the proud owner of 10 tarantulas, 6 royal pythons, 3 peacock tree frogs, 2 bearded dragons, 20+ Koi carp, 3 marine fish tanks, 1 husky and an overly-affectionate cat. Then I discovered beetles........ We have 2 adult pairs (Flower and Rhino) which we keep in 4ft tanks and a collection of 100+ larvae from various different species. 2 rooms in our house are now dedicated to beetles and I have 8 adult pairs on order from the Czech Republic, (I think we'll have to start getting rid of furniture)! It's most exciting to find a group of people also interested in beetles, (I was starting to think I was the only one - people think I'm mad)! Thanks for reading, I look forward to meeting and learning from you all. Kerry