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  1. Sara

    Deltochilum gibbosum

    omg so cute! do u breed these?
  2. Sara

    Dynastes neptunus 3D puzzle model

    OHHHHHH this is need!! very cool
  3. Sara

    Alaus Oculatus

    yup that is all i do they are super easy to keep. No logs needed at least for mine the pupate just fine where they are. You can add them if you like , I believe I have read that Orin has had good luck with logs.. I add some decorative brush for looks and to help them right them selves but for sub they are not picky ... just make sure your to separate your grubs once you start seeing trails. They do pupate in logs in the wild but mine have payed no mind to them in my care. They very simple to keep Let me know if i can help in any ways what species are you keeping?
  4. Sara

    My underwater "bugs"

    much love for the shrimp!!!!
  5. Sara

    Corucia zebrata zebrata

    ohh lovely!!!!!
  6. Sara

    We're Back!

    congrats people!!!
  7. Sara

    Alaus Oculatus

    jreidsma sounds awesome they are a favorite of mine as well ... !! happy Beetleing !!
  8. Awesome book a must have for all beetle lovers!
  9. Sara

    Phanaeus vindex

    lovely beetles LOL the grubs are adorable in there little cells!
  10. planted milkweed this year to increase the butterfly population here and got quite a show from the lady beetles.. enjoy pupating out some cool pics of them eating on aphids "about the extent of macro my crappy little camera can take
  11. Sara

    Alaus Oculatus

    I have a female that is 2 years old but she the the exception lots of citrus and makes sure they stay fairly moist and they live quite a long time love to see pics of your when you get the chance!
  12. Sara

    Beetle and Invert Patches

    gotta love the millions of beetles
  13. Sara

    Dynastes grantii

    lovely absolutely lovely!
  14. Sara

    Beetle and Invert Patches

    some of my new work got a few more machines so i have more time to design i know i have a few new beetles to sew out will post them soon