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  1. manticora

    Lucanus elaphus

    very nice! awesome detail
  2. i just hope that the manchicoras,anthias will be availible to get ,i guess we will see...........
  3. thanks for the info, i just wish these beetles were availible (manchicoras, anthias) here,like most spiders,scorpions,centipedes etc,i mean they would be flying off the shelves,i know i would be buying them all up like crazy i don't why some of the big dealers don't import them in,i'm sure they would sell very well.
  4. what about the giant ground beetles,like manchicora,anthia? i'm assuming they are included aswell,been trying for years to obtain these.
  5. manticora

    Anthia cinctipennis

    awesome!! i love these guys wish i can have them where i am anyway what ive heard about them they need very deep substrate half moist(sand mixture,soil,clay) your setup looks great and your substrate looks fairy deep,i think they go threw a little rainy season,so maybe alittle spraying to "get the females to lay" but very deep substrate is a must,maybe the others here can chime in aswell,good luck with them.
  6. manticora

    Water Scavenger Beetle

    ah, sorry that it died ,they are fun to keep,i have a large male cybister that is super aggressive when food items are introduced into it's tank,hopefully you'll find somemore,water scavengers are cool too,but not aggressive at all the large 1 i have loves frozen bloodworms seems to leave the water plants alone, they are all a blast to keep,have fun with the little guys hisserdude,
  7. manticora

    Water Scavenger Beetle

  8. manticora

    Water Scavenger Beetle

    awesome,nice find,but it's a diving beetle most likely dytiscus sp. i keep both sp. easy to keep very hardy,and eat like crazy,the 1 you have will eat any small living thing you put with it,the water scavengers eat mostly dead items,plant material.have fun with that little bugger if ya plan to keep it
  9. manticora

    Great Plains Giant Tiger Beetle

    ahhhh,i love these guys! ive kept them aswell,and hardy and longlived for the tigerbeetles,man seeing those pics makes me want more and try to breed. "mini mantichoras{spelling} they are.
  10. manticora

    Some midwestern Calosoma

    man.....words can't describe those beauties,simply awesome!
  11. manticora

    Arilus cristatus

    oh yeah.......the classic.1 of my faves.
  12. manticora

    Microtomus purcis

    nice nice nice! awesome little buggers,thanks for sharing.
  13. manticora

    Dear lord, look at these

    yup, these are awesome..........been wanting these holy grails forever,best of luck with em.
  14. manticora

    Lethocerus uhleri

    love these guys! and the best thing about them is they will eat crickets like crazy,not just fish like americanus,used to love keeping them
  15. try some pieces of frozen fish,the smell alone should get it going.