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  1. Dynastes

    Beetle Books?

    I stopped short of asking you to explain but you are welcome to express your opinion. I'm glad you like For the Love of Rhinoceros and Stag Beetles.
  2. Dynastes

    Beetle Books?

    The big hardcover amblypygid book (not the old, small booklet)?
  3. Dynastes

    Beetle Books?

    What books do you have?
  4. Dynastes

    Beetle Books?

    You will like "For the Love of Rhinoceros Beetles and Stags" but keep in mind my chapters in that book were written in 1999 so they contain less and slightly dated info. You can read some explanations on For the Love of.. in the intro to the Ultimate Guide to Breeding Beetles.
  5. Dynastes

    hi from the UK !

    Your larva is hairy like a Xylotrupes. I'd dig that pupa out of the dirt, they are not normally sorrounded by dirt (your substrate was too loose for a pupal cell) and the submersion can lead to death.
  6. Dynastes

    Miracle Usambara by Jon Lai

    Great book.
  7. Dynastes

    old posts

    Try giving some examples.
  8. Dynastes

    old posts

  9. Dynastes

    Mantichora latipennis

    I say try damp coconut fiber, it's amazing what lays eggs in that stuff. If you try what's already been tried or what has been suggested you're doomed to fail like the thousand others who've gave it a shot, myself included. On the up side they do live for years.
  10. Dynastes

    Eleodes osculans questions

    Let us know how you do. I've found different Eleodes species are widely variable in their ease of rearing.
  11. Dynastes

    Mantichora latipennis

    I miss seeing Anthia and Mantichora.
  12. Dynastes

    good bye :(

    I think I could give good reasons for most. How cold did you keep the tityus? I've only used 52 (usually 62) but some people try practically freezing the poor things.
  13. They all look a little to a lot different but not within genera.
  14. Dynastes

    Isopod forum?

    Thanks, I am glad you like it. I made an isopod forum for you on roachforum.com, we'll see how it goes.
  15. Dynastes

    Isopod forum?

    Not yet. We could make a subforum/area here or on the roachforum but so far there are very few discussions and no need. An isopod fb page popped up a few weeks ago you might like.