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  1. Dynastes

    Larvae found in oak ID

    Neither, as mentioned they appear to be Osmoderma.
  2. My daughter sent this pic from Japan. I didn't know such a massive Melolonthid existed (bottom left).
  3. Dynastes

    Baby rhino roaches! (AGAIN!)

    I have raised them from hatchling to adult while providing carrots as an ancillary food (to help prevent them from drying out if I forget to water for too long).
  4. Dynastes

    Found beetle larvae - rhino beetle?

    Don't forget the adults do eat each other. Not always immediately.
  5. Dynastes

    Dynastes hyllus hyllus - Pupating Question

    Delays are usually related to substandard substrate.
  6. Dynastes

    Hi, new here

    Good luck!
  7. Dynastes

    Phileurus truncatus care

    I have kept 11 consecutive generations and sometimes it is very difficult to get eggs or they wait till the next year (11 generations (7 and 4) spanning 14-16 years). Many times you get a bunch. As for rearing larvae they are somewhat easy anything that will damage other rhinos will probably kill them (like too dry of substrate, lousy substrate, substrate that is too shallow or loose and prevents pupal cell formation, worms in the larval substrate, etc.).
  8. Keep in mind that Dynastes tityus is native to your state and a very nice beetle.
  9. Dynastes

    Excited to join the community

    Welcome Irfin, There is a Megasoma rhinoceros beetle native to California that I have seen available as larvae from time to time.
  10. Dynastes

    New to beetle breeding.

    Those are very easy to grow up but they are likely to die as pupae and it is probable they are F1 even if you are told otherwise. You can reduce the percentage of them dying as pupae by keeping them well ventilated. Certain foods may make a difference but it has little to do with the size or health of the larvae. The way to keep them going a few generations is to have a lot and expect high cell losses. Don't get discouraged since if you get polyphemus or torquata you won't have the same trouble and some of those stocks really are 25 years old.
  11. Dynastes

    Allomyrina dichotoma male L3 larva

    I am curious where you got them if you didn't get the last ones. You can pm me if you don't want to post vendor data.
  12. Dynastes

    Found beetle larvae - rhino beetle?

    I should add I have reared this species in the past and currently have L3.
  13. Dynastes

    Found beetle larvae - rhino beetle?

    I would guess H. illatus if you're in the right area since they are about the right size, have the shape of dynastid larvae and the head capsule up top looks like the right texture (H. illatus head capsules have a very rough appearance).
  14. Dynastes

    Favorite animal and why?

    Yes, that book. My uncle gave me a copy for my 7th birthday and I read every species description over and over again, but especially the beetles.
  15. Dynastes

    Favorite animal and why?

    Eastern Hercules Beetle Dynastes tityus - it was my most coveted beetle as a child, firstfrom line drawings in a Charles Papp insect book.