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  1. Dynastes

    Favorite animal and why?

    Yes, that book. My uncle gave me a copy for my 7th birthday and I read every species description over and over again, but especially the beetles.
  2. Dynastes

    Favorite animal and why?

    Eastern Hercules Beetle Dynastes tityus - it was my most coveted beetle as a child, firstfrom line drawings in a Charles Papp insect book.
  3. Dynastes

    Goliathus Husbandry: Day 20 [Video]

    The first video was 2 but this one was more?
  4. Dynastes

    Hello from Japan!

    Welcome! My daughter is living in Japan but I can't convince her to keep beetles (I did get her to check out some pet supplies and shops).
  5. Dynastes

    Osmoderma ermicola larval stages

    If the larvae are 2" they are probably L3. Assuming L3 they should make pupal cells around March. Do not refrigerate.
  6. If you haven't fed them well on live prey for the last couple months it's too late in the year to be able to get them ready. Most likely you won't get eggs from them until next August.
  7. That's what I figured since you probably have mostly females just because that is the way this species is. Females can have huge horns, major males have a different horn structure but you can't tell at all with horns on medium to small specimens.
  8. How are you sexing them? There are normally more females than males.
  9. Dynastes

    Let's get to know each other!

    Welcome! I would love to see Goliathus larvae and adults available. I wish you good luck.
  10. Dynastes

    Figeater Beetles - General Questions

  11. Dynastes

    Figeater Beetles - General Questions

    The eggs are super easy to get and the larvae are super easy to rear, it's the pupation that is difficult.
  12. Dynastes

    Hello from Georgia! (USA)

    Are you buying the larvae or collecting? I'd suggest trying to find the older high-yellow stock but the old gray-green stock is pretty hardy. There's a bit of time investment so what you start with may be what you end with. This is what the yellow stock looks like though the cover scan looks a little oversaturated https://www.amazon.com/Complete-Rearing-Eastern-Hercules-Beetle/dp/0980240107
  13. Dynastes

    Hello from Connecticut

    Welcome! You'll probably have to travel south to find elaphus
  14. Dynastes

    Hello from the UK!

    Welcome! You can probably find the male in the closest crevice to the food dish.
  15. Dynastes

    Greetings from Florida!

    Welcome, you have a few of our nicest beetles in FL.