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    Forum Downtime

    Sorry for the downtime. The hosting company decides to update their system but didn't tell me that I needed to change the DNS settings to make the forum work. Thanks to those who messaged me about the downtime and welcome back to the forum!
  2. Peter Clausen

    Hello from PNW

    Welcome, fellow PNW'er!
  3. Peter Clausen

    UV LED flashlights

    I have one of those lightsabers. Pink was the only color available when I got mine. Flashlights are good for lighting up things like scorpions but these aren't as effective for bringing in beetles and moths in my experience.
  4. Peter Clausen

    Greetings from the desert!

    Welcome, Travis!
  5. Peter Clausen

    Radio Interview

    Thanks Charx53!
  6. Peter Clausen

    Radio Interview

    Celebrate Earth Day with me on Empire State Reptiles Live (internet radio). I'll be on the show this Saturday at 3:30 PM, PST (6:30 PM, EST). I guess they're going to interview me about my experiences in the pet bug hobby and if people call in we'll take calls. Listen through this link. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/esrlive/2017/04/22/empire-state-reptiles-live-with-peter-clausen
  7. Peter Clausen

    Radio Interview

    Thanks guys! We managed to squeeze in some beetle material on the reptile channel! For anybody that missed it, here's a link if you want to hear the recorded show. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/esrlive/2017/04/22/empire-state-reptiles-live-with-peter-clausen
  8. Peter Clausen

    Radio Interview

    They pushed the show back an hour due to Verizon working on the cables so the show goes on at 4:30 PM PST/7:30 PM EST.
  9. Peter Clausen

    Radio Interview

    Thanks! It should be fun.
  10. Peter Clausen

    Pretty Pissed

    Coconut coir shouldn't harm them. At least it's never harmed anything I've kept with it. It may not provide any nutritional value.
  11. Peter Clausen

    Just found a new beetle

    Super cute!
  12. Peter Clausen

    Copy/Paste and Photo/Links Problems

    Sorry...took my family to Disneyland and the new Harry Potter World in California. Just catching up on backed up stuff. The forum software will be updated in a week or two and this should resolve your issue. I didn't realize my inbox was full too, sorry. Just cleared up some space there.
  13. We forbid the selling of exotics on this site, but I am really glad to see you on the forum after all these years. People aren't really supposed to discuss them here, even because it leaves a rather permanent trail of evidence for something that is restricted and requires permits. In an case, welcome! I had figured you were already a member here.
  14. Peter Clausen

    4K Ultra HD Bug Videos

    Recently, John Farr from StockFootage.com came over with his 4K Ultra HD video camera and shot clips of pet bugs. Please watch the videos on YouTube, comment, and show your love for the hobby! Oh, and when you watch these, bump up the quality setting to 4K (if your video card and internet connection can handle it). It's some seriously FINE detail of fine subject matter!
  15. Peter Clausen

    Finds Payson Az

    One time, in the Payson area, I found a crack in the ground with hundreds and hundreds of Xyloryctes in it.
  16. Peter Clausen

    Greetings from Phoenix, Az

    Welcome. We try not to discuss the acquisition of exotic beetles on this forum since they are regulated species in this country and require permits to keep. I've done Payson. I'll be in AZ in just a few weeks myself and always have a great time buggin'!
  17. Peter Clausen

    Some midwestern Calosoma

    That C. externum is brilliant! You really captured all the colors very well. Are those blackberries?
  18. Peter Clausen

    Pyrophorus noctilucus

    What? I've seen those in the wild a couple times but you're captive breeding them? That's amazing!
  19. Peter Clausen

    Memory Lane

    It's not so much a breeding experience but my most vivid beetle memory was hearing and then seeing the first D. granti I've ever seen alive flying towards the blacklight set up on my first trip to Arizona. For me, they only really existed in photos in field guides until that moment when I heard it buzzing in like a helicopter and crash-landing on its back. It was almost like time stood still and I couldn't believe that the beetle was really there. It's a very strange thing to get in the car at home one day, and then see these fabled bugs the next. Also saw my first "Plusiotis" gloriosa that trip. I think I collected every single bug I saw on that first trip.
  20. Peter Clausen

    County record

    I don't know the answer to that question but I personally love getting a Bugguide state record by posting photos of my backyard bugs on http://bugguide.net What's really great is when you get a record at the family level. If I had more time for any one thing it would be uploading photos to Bugguide to learn about all the bugs a few steps outside my door. http://bugguide.net/bgimage/user/30497 You do have to be logged into the Bugguide website as a member (a free service) to see all the data associated with a specimen.
  21. Peter Clausen

    How Do You Do Breakfast?

    Coffee...then an hour or two later it's straight to lunch that may or may not involve eggs and sausage, but which is usually wrapped up in a tortilla with hot sauce, something pickled like pickles, sauerkraut or peperoncinis, and cheese.
  22. Peter Clausen

    Urbanus dorantes (And some other species)

    A strange time of year to be taking a photo of a butterfly!
  23. Peter Clausen

    Suitable substrate sources.

    I offer a variety of substrates for different applications and they evolve over time. My latest version of the hardwood substrate for beetles contains only 100% oak wood, mixed with compost soil. It is suitable for both egg-laying and later for the larvae to feed in. It ships in a 7 lb unit and shipping for such a heavy package costs just under twelve bucks (built into the twenty or so dollar overall price). Collecting and/or preparing and sterilizing and shipping substrates is a lot of work. An $8 profit on that kind of labor is an absolute joke compared with the cost of, say, hosting three forums year after year. I do it all to support the hobby I love and the people in it. For the original poster in this thread, I'll answer your question directly (and since my sales website and product were mentioned both in your original post and later in this thread). Though some time has passed it may be helpful to somebody in the future. Pretty much any dark soil that is free from fertilizers, pesticides and those annoying little egg-mimicking pumice and Perlite stones is fine for getting eggs from D. grantii. I've gotten thousands of eggs of D. grantii on a wide variety of brands and mixes over the past 15 years. I'd recommend you make a choice between displaying your beetles or breeding them. If you want to do both, you'll see the female when she comes up to feed but she'll spend a lot of time under the soil (hopefully laying lots of eggs). D. grantii don't live terribly long in captivity so you need to let her make her treks into the depths to lay her eggs through to the end of her life. Beetles are also less likely to dry out and die early if they spend time under the soil. Finally, the soil should be humid and the lid not too ventilated, if at all.
  24. Peter Clausen

    Name Changes

    Just an FYI. Stevedynastes has requested a name change to Satanas and this request has been approved.
  25. Peter Clausen

    change name

    What do you want to change it to? (probably best if you PM me)