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  1. Peter Clausen

    Conibius seriatus

    Neat! What is the length on these?
  2. Peter Clausen

    AZ Trip

    If I was going to make a day trip out of Phoenix to see a few bugs in general I'd head up into the Superstition Mountains and flip some rocks. You may see some fun tenebs, scorpions, etc. I've found Arenivaga sp. roaches under rocks there in the Tortilla Flat area. Definitely nice to get out of the city limits and that's a pretty close spot to target.
  3. Peter Clausen

    Metallic Green Click Beetles

    Dung beetles and the aforementioned title species...
  4. Peter Clausen

    Some AZ Beetles

    Tiger beetles and a longhorn from the recent trip...
  5. Peter Clausen


    mine is: https://www.instagram.com/bugsincyberspace
  6. Peter Clausen

    Arizona Inverts

    Yeah, there are sooo many beetles too! I gathered up some Pelidnota lugubris and have larvae of them going again. The beetle diversity of that stop is just so amazing. I'm interested to hear if you go and especially this time of year. I'm curious what it would look like by comparison. My video above was filmed in early August.
  7. Peter Clausen

    Hello from Arizona

    Hi Mike, Yeah, it's a busy time of year for me. I almost shut down all three forums a week ago when the cost for hosting one of them shot up to $330 per month. Well, I got that sorted out and the price back down to $70 per month. A little negligent on approving new members lately, sorry. Hey, welcome and I really enjoyed your intro! It's funny how some us get where we all end up but I sure can relate to the influence of the Arizona experience when it comes to bugs and the flora. I'll bet you know J. Palting and have maybe traveled with him on the surveys in Mexico. My parents live in Mexico and I think I saw white Morpho butterflies out at the coast. The CA giant Dinapate has been on my bucket list to see alive for a long time. Just want to see one. Don't need to keep it live or dead, but the lore just resonates with me. Was just down in AZ in late July/Aug. Still have never found Agapema! What a wonderful read. Thanks! Peter
  8. Peter Clausen

    Arizona Inverts

    Dropped a new video on YouTube today...
  9. Peter Clausen

    Greetings from Florida!

  10. Peter Clausen

    Forum Downtime

    Sorry for the downtime. The hosting company decides to update their system but didn't tell me that I needed to change the DNS settings to make the forum work. Thanks to those who messaged me about the downtime and welcome back to the forum!
  11. Peter Clausen

    Hello from PNW

    Welcome, fellow PNW'er!
  12. Peter Clausen

    UV LED flashlights

    I have one of those lightsabers. Pink was the only color available when I got mine. Flashlights are good for lighting up things like scorpions but these aren't as effective for bringing in beetles and moths in my experience.
  13. Peter Clausen

    Greetings from the desert!

    Welcome, Travis!
  14. Hi, Peter, my original account is Eleodes hispilabris. Could you pls help me unlock this account? Pls send an email to rejoice031216@gmail.com

    1. efilag


      Please help. I am having problems receiving the validation email as well

    2. Stag Beetles

      Stag Beetles

      efilag, i am not having probs with the validation. If you have not received a confirmation email, just keep waiting, as they might not send because of holidays or things like that. Good luck!

  15. Peter Clausen

    Radio Interview

    Thanks Charx53!