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  1. Morpheus_UK

    Can anyone help identify this for me for a TV programme?

    The way the wings seem to be folded looks like a true bug, and im sure i can see the start of an ovipositor at the bottom left
  2. Morpheus_UK

    (Pseudo)Lucanus mazama(male)

    Nice stag
  3. Morpheus_UK

    Eudicella smithi bertherandi

    I know, maybe i can pick some pairs of beetles at the upcoming BTS show Heres a closeup of my avatar, same beetle as before
  4. Ive only kept a couple of fruit beetles and couldnt breed them as they were all males but what kind of beetles should i be looking for next?
  5. Morpheus_UK


    Finally got round to doing myself an avatar
  6. Morpheus_UK

    Smell a bit odd?

    Is it just me or can beetles release a defensive smell like some phasmids? Ive never heard of it untill mine reaks when handled
  7. Morpheus_UK


    Hmm unlike any vertebrate ive come across Would be a great replacent to put dogs down as mans best friend XD Must say these are real nice beetles! Are they hard to keep?
  8. Morpheus_UK

    Eudicella smithi bertherandi

    These were and are my first beetles. I got 3 cacoons in a trade for some phasmids, always wanted to try beetles and kept pushing for some yet always forgot 2/3 Hatched and both were male so breedings knackered Ive had them a fair while now and the one with the smaller horns who hatched last died the other day, heres an old photo of the remaining one
  9. Morpheus_UK

    The Giant predaceous water beetle

    Nice photo, seem similar to the great diving beetles we have here, or they are the great diving beetles if your in England I remember when i was a little kid going to a cathedral school trip once finding massive larvae of them once, all i had was a full pop bottle i soon swigged down in way for the beetles sadly though was caught by the teacher back at school who forced me to put them in the school pond againt mine, for some reason there was whole lot less wild life in that pond next year
  10. Morpheus_UK


    Hello everyone, may recognise me from other forums, thought its good to have a forum for each invert and i want to get really into beetles so this fits perfectly, only have 1 species at the mo, cant remember the name will try and get it later on, only a small fruit beetle, i would love to someday get into beetles as much as i do phasmids and stick insects